Masterchef star Tim Anderson tour of Japan

Join former MasterChef champion Tim Anderson on a guided tour of Japan

Masterchef star Tim Anderson tour of Japan

Tim Anderson is nothing short of a culinary virtuoso. After dazzling the judges and becoming MasterChef’s youngest winner in 2011, he has gone on to open his very own restaurant, Nanban, in London.

It was an innate grasp of Japanese cuisine that made the then 26-year-old stand out, and now he wants to pass his mastery on by inviting you to join him on a tour of his adopted culinary fatherland.

You’ll start the eight-night trip in Tokyo, taking in the sights and sounds of the Tsukiji fish market – the largest of its kind in the world. It won’t be long before you’re picking up priceless tips as Anderson gives you a hands-on lesson in the art of sushi. With Japanese tradition firmly at the heart of the itinerary, it’s little surprise that guests will be taken to the town of Hakone for a Kaiseki, a multi-course dinner created using only fresh seasonal ingredients.

Osaka is known as a hub for good eating and so Anderson has put a tour of the best street food haunts on the checklist, along with a visit to the famous Nishiki market in Kyoto. If you’re hoping for sightseeing that doesn’t only involve grub, trips to Mount Fuji, Kyoto’s Golden Pavilion and historical Nara should satisfy your cultural hunger.

And to make sure you really look the part, a MasterChef Travel apron is even thrown into the bargain. Anderson might even tie it for you, if you ask nicely.
QR16,500 per person. October 9-19.

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