One of the world's biggest DJs is coming to La Cigale in Doha

Hazy and whacked-out FX-heavy ragas are like adverts for altered states

And so to the 10th album from the Welsh trio

A follow-up to their two-million-selling debut album in 2008

There are many things you can do only once

This Leeds quartet’s anarchic live shows inspire cathartic mosh-pit mayhem

You may recognise Lissie Maurus from YouTube

Singer-songwriter Warren is a hotly tipped talent in the folk-blues-pop-rock world. We see what makes her tick

Surveying the pop vista almost 10 years since the Scissor Sisters first came calling, it’s easy to spot their influence

Aguilera has pulled in a raft of hip co-songwriters and producers

First, if you’re over the age of 20 you shouldn’t be reading about Twilight merchandise

The Aussie drum ’n’ bassers-cum-stadium metallers set the record straight after the release of new album Immersion

It’s been so long since a classic dinner party album was released that we’d forgotten people ever had dinner parties

With nearly two decades of dancefloor hits under their belts, The Chemical Brothers return with their seventh album, Further. Kim Taylor Bennett has the lowdown

All bands have a sound, but only a lucky few have a ‘thing’

When any band decides to record at a studio with a legendary rep – in this case, Muscle Shoals Sound in Alabama – it can go either way

Rapper Plan B’s conversion from acoustic hip hoppist to retro-futurist soul boy scored him a number one album

Picked up for production just 15 hours after the initial script landed on Fox’s desk

Alison Goldfrapp, lead singer of the ever-changing eponymous pop troupe, tells Kim Taylor Bennett about fame, power and her love of freaky fashion

We Are Scientists laid out their sonic territory early and, bless ’em, they’ve stuck to it

Listen blindfolded to Laura Marling’s haunting sophomore album and you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re hearing a world-weary folk singer

Creatively speaking, Paul Weller has wandered so far from what he once was that he’s now barely recognisable


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