One of the world's biggest DJs is coming to La Cigale in Doha

Hazy and whacked-out FX-heavy ragas are like adverts for altered states

And so to the 10th album from the Welsh trio

A follow-up to their two-million-selling debut album in 2008

Influential London-based record label tells Time Out about their music

Popular Islamic musician Sami Yusuf talks peace, love and cynical marketing with Mellissa Beutel

DJ/producer-turned-frontman Mark Ronson talks to Kim Taylor Bennett

The follow-up to their UK debut takes the clichéd notion of the ‘sonic cathedral’ and twists it like a Rubik’s Cube.

Ollie Jones built his first beats when he was just 15, which means he’s been working as a producer (and DJ) for nine years

We never thought we would ever write this, but people really ought to start bands with their old babysitters more often.

It’s something of an obsession, this fascination of Win Butler’s with the potency of childhood memory and leaving home

British electro musician Imogen Heap explains how social media shaped her most recent album, Ellipse

Gray’s 2007 album, Big, was always going to be a tough act to follow, but three years on, she may just have nailed it

There’s nothing unexpected about Canadian singer-songwriter McLachlan’s latest venture, which is probably why it will work

Singer-songwriter Johnny Bramwell fronts terrific British trio I Am Kloot. Meet the man behind the music

It’s easy to hate Sting, but what do you think of his music

Back in 2004 we interviewed Razorlight’s newest recruit, drummer Andy Burrows

Maybe rhyming’s not really your thing, but you watched Eight Mile to see Eminem in his wife-beater

The former Sex Pistols singer, better known as Johnny Rotten, has come
a long way since his punk heyday

Mark Bowen and Dick Green celebrate 10 years in the biz

Dull record-label legal wranglings meant the musical project of Sparklehorse and Danger Mouse

Where this London quartet’s last, synth-splashed record was giddy with the thrills of being 21


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