CSI series creator, Anthony Zuiker, tells us about the hit TV show


Good news for all CSI fans: the leader of the Las Vegas criminology team will remain at the helm for another year. Laurence Fishburne has renewed his deal for season 11, which sees him continuing his role as Dr Raymond Langston. The man behind the CSI franchise, Anthony Zuiker, is ready to create ‘magic’ as he returns to the writer’s room for the latest season of the hit show – we quizzed him to find out what to expect.

Why did you decide to return to the flagship series?
I headed back to the writer’s room of CSI because that’s where it all began, and to write with my partner-in-crime show runner Carol Mendelsohn. Over the first five seasons, we’ve written many, many scripts together. We have so much fun writing the show. And when I went off to do other stuff, I really missed the day-to-day action of writing episodic television. I’m still developing this season, but wanted to write with Carol again.

Does the Las Vegas setting still excite you? Are there different angles to explore?
Oh yes. I’ve been in Vegas for 42 years, and the town has evolved so much. There’s just so much to write about when it comes to the 2010/11 Vegas.

How is it being back in the writer’s room?
It’s a real treat and feels like I never left – there are some old faces and some new ones, too. Carol and I are working on all of the scripts together. One of them is about a forensic proof killer. The villain is called ‘Sqweegel’ – it’s scary as hell.

How is it working with Laurence Fishburne again?
I think the addition of Laurence was a fantastic choice. I really wanted to write for him, along with the rest of the cast.

What is the latest news on US actress Marg Helgenberger leaving the show at the end of season 11?
Marg is one of the finest actresses in the world. We hope she never leaves the show. She is the heart and soul of the franchise.

What sort of season are CSI fans in for?
Explosive! Justin Bieber stars in the premiere. We have a shark in a pool! We’re doing an episode about a vampire and werewolf convention. The shows are going to be fun, Vegas-centric, and very character-driven.

CSI season 11 airs on Saturdays at 8pm on OSN First.

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