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TV highlights this week
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Thu 14

Cake Boss
The reality TV show set in Carlo’s Bake Shop in New Jersey. Expect the icing sugar to fly as the pressure mounts on the team to get their cakes iced in time.
7.45pm, Discovery Channel

Banged Up Abroad
Thrilling vacations turn to ultimate nightmares as tourists find themselves in prison overseas.
9pm, Nat Geo Adventure

Last Song
A 17-year-old girl has a summer of romance, but it’s tainted by her father’s secret.
8pm, OSN Cinema +2

Stuck on You
Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear play conjoined twins who move to Hollywood to pursue an acting career. Expect plenty of Farrelly brothers laughs.
10pm, Fox Movies


Only the best chef will triumph in this reality cookery show, and you’ll get a bunch of cooking tips along the way.
8pm, Fox

Tonight Show with Jay Leno
An entertaining hour of humorous sketches and chat featuring some of Hollywood’s A-listers.
9pm, OSN Comedy

Final Fu
Mixed martial arts experts try to claim the title in this reality TV show.
9.30pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Fri 15

Life After People
Scientists speculate what would happen if humans were to disappear as a result of deadly disease or uncontrollable animal behaviour.
7.30pm, History Channel

World Travels
Adventurous visits and cultural experiences unite as two travel writers go on safari in Kenya, then visit a Russian space station.
10pm, Travel Channel

Shutter Island
Martin Scorsese thriller set in 1954, in which US Marshall Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) investigates the escape of a murderer from a hospital for the criminally insane.
7.45pm, OSN Cinema

Flipper’s New Adventure
Sandy and his pet dolphin Flipper are on a mission to help an English family held captive by outlaws in the Bahamas.
8pm, TCM

American Idol
Another singing hopeful will come to the end of their Idol career today. But which wannabe will get the boot this week?
1pm, OSN First

Vampire Diaries
More mystery and darkness based around a girl torn between her love for two vampire brothers.
4.50pm, MBC Action

AFL Premiership
It’s 115 years since the first Australian Football League match, and it’s never been more exciting.
3.30pm, OSN Sports 2

Sat 16

Dinosaur Secrets
Investigating the planet’s deadliest creatures, to discover more about their weaponry, behaviour and battle strategies.
2.20pm, History Channel

Real Emergency Calls
Real heroes get on the phone to save a baby who’s choking, and try to help out in the aftermath of a mall shooting.
8.30pm, Investigation Discovery

500 Days of Summer
Light-hearted romantic comedy as two young lovers face confusion and indecision.
4pm, OSN Movies HD +2

An American in Paris
A US artist is struggling to survive in France. Luckily, he’s discovered by an heiress who seems to have more than just an interest in his work.
5.30pm, TCM

The Weakest Link
General knowledge is put to the test as nine contestants go up against each other, under the watchful eye of fearsome host Anne Robinson.
4.10pm, BBC Entertainment

Yes Dear
A family comedy following the life of a young couple struggling to agree on how to raise their young son.
5pm, OSN Comedy +2

Live Snooker World Championship
Head to the UK’s Crucible Theatre in Sheffield tonight. The tension is rising as we get closer to crowning this year’s world champion.
1pm, OSN Sports 3

Sun 17

Jack the Ripper
Tonight the team reveal never-seen-before documents and shocking theories about the life of the renowned serial killer.
6.40pm, History Channel

World’s Weirdest
A fascinating study into how we can transform our energy usage.
8pm, Nat Geo Wild

Alien vs Predator
Two of Hollywood’s most fearsome creations do battle in Antarctica, as the local population tries not to die.
8pm, Fox Movies

I Love You, Man
Peter (Paul Rudd) embarks on a series of ‘man dates’ to find a suitable best man for his upcoming wedding.
9pm, OSN Movies Comedy

Modern Family
Follow three families with three very different lifestyles – their daily lives are full of humorous events.
6pm, Fox

Two and a Half Men
A bachelor is forced to change his lifestyle when his brother and his son move in. Charlie Sheen stars.
9pm, OSN Comedy

WWE Smackdown
Expect some extreme violence as world-class fighters do battle in the latest theatrical wrestling showdown.
Midnight, OSN Sports 4

Mon 18

1000 Places to See Before You Die
Be inspired by scenic images and history. This week: the shrines of Cambodia.
7.40pm, Discovery HD Showcase

Bite Me with Dr Mike Leahy
Visit the Great Barrier Reef, where the locals are small yet deadly.
9pm, Nat Geo Wild

The Stepfather
A young boy suspects that his new stepfather is a serial killer.
8pm, OSN Movies Action

A fantasy film full of dragons and enchanted lands, where a young boy defends his home against the evil king.
8pm, Fox Movies

Ghost Whisperer
Communicating with ghosts and resolving their unfinished business will send shivers down your spine.
7pm, Fox

The Ellen DeGeneres Show
From waitress at TGI Fridays to world-famous talk show host, with plenty of top guests tonight.
8pm, OSN First +2

X Games Heroes (Editor’s pick)
Crazy stunts take over the screen as some of the world’s most extreme sports fanatics show what they’re made of.
5.20pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Tue 19

Adventures Abroad
Tonight, our intrepid explorers are hunting in exotic, tropical locations such as Hawaii.
7.50pm, Outdoor Channel

Dolphin Army
Considered one of the smartest species in the animal kingdom, follow female dolphins as they ward off sharks in the ocean.
8pm, Nat Geo Wild

Three Kings
War, greed and violence follow four Gulf War soldiers who go in search of gold. Yet they come across a town that needs their help.
3pm, Fox Movies

Little Women
Based on Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel, following the lives of four sisters during the American Civil War.
7pm, TCM

CSI Miami

Fixed horse races, murder and Russian mobs make this episode a must-see.
4pm, Fox

Novelist Richard Castle tags along with the NYPD homicide department as a murderer imitates the plots of his novels.
10pm, Fox

UAE National Race Day Series
The hottest action from the local motorsports scene, brought to you from Dubai Autodrome.
5pm, OSN Sports 4

Wed 20

Border Security
Ever wondered how our borders are protected from drug smuggling, potential terrorists and danger?
8.10pm, Discovery Channel

How the Universe Works
In the beginning, the universe grew from a virtually minuscule particle to the huge galaxies we see today.
8.30pm, Discovery HD Showcase

Flirting with Flamenco
An upbeat comedy and drama, about the pressures of performing the traditional Spanish dance.
5.15pm, OSN Movies Comedy

Coco Before Chanel (Editor's pick)
Biopic portraying the early struggles of the fashion legend. Stars Audrey Tautou.
7pm, OSN Premiere +2

30 Rock
Hit sitcom created by Tina Fey. Tonight’s show features an arrogant new boss and crazy star client.
9pm, OSN First

The musical series, winner of three Golden Globes, continues with plenty more singing and dancing.
8pm, OSN First

Major League Baseball
More intense baseball from the ever-popular American leagues.
7pm, Fox Sports

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