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Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day
Golfing World Image #2
Golfing World
Asian X Games 2009 Image #3
Asian X Games 2009
Atlas 4D Image #4
Atlas 4D
Live Premier League Darts Image #5
Live Premier League Darts
Full Throttle Image #6
Full Throttle
Kalifornia Image #7
Desperate Housewives Image #8
Desperate Housewives
The Cape Image #9
The Cape
European Tour Image #10
European Tour
Scottish Premier League Image #11
Scottish Premier League
Toy Story 3 Image #12
Toy Story 3
The Devil Wears Prada Image #13
The Devil Wears Prada
Glee Image #14
Destination Art Image #15
Destination Art
You Don’t Know Jack Image #16
You Don’t Know Jack
Music Video Image #17
Music Video
Circus Image #18
Scottish Premier League Image #19
Scottish Premier League
Hitler And Stalin: Roots Of Evil Image #20
Hitler And Stalin: Roots Of Evil
Thu 17

This programme follows real life circus performers. This time we’re off to Walden, NY, home to the Big Apple Circus. They’re about to go on tour but there may be a problem.
7pm, Discovery HD Showcase

Fall Flight
Join them in Spartanburg, for a quail hunt.
10.45pm, Outdoor Channel

Green Card
An unlikely couple in this classic rom-com pretend to be married so they can trick the authorities.
11am, OSN Movies Comedy

The General’s Daughter
John Travolta stars in a film where a war hero becomes knee-deep in conspiracy.
9pm, OSN Action Comedy

It’s boys against girls in this all-singing, all-dancing showdown. Terri takes a job as the school nurse, despite having no medical experience.
6pm, OSN First

Full Circle With Michael Palin
Palin heads to the Chinese port of Qingdao, gets a street massage and climbs a mountain.
12.40am, BBC Entertainment

Full Throttle
A motorsport show full to the brim with track action around the Middle East.
5pm, OSN Sports

Fri 18

Hitler And Stalin: Roots Of Evil
What it takes to be a murderous dictator, the show examines their backgrounds, their psychology and their paranoia.
11pm, History

Royal Inquest
There are strange occurrences in the Nepalese royal family. The King and his family are gunned down, is the Crown Prince to blame?
12.20pm, Investigation Discovery

Valentine’s Day
The pressures of this one day are too much for couples in LA, who break up and make up to avoid the whole shebang entirely.
Midnight, OSN Movies

Comedy filled with childish boy humour. If you liked American Pie you’ll enjoy this film about a group of seniors who pretend to be prospective freshmen.
11pm, OSN Movies

Nancy meets some blasts from the past in tonight’s episode of the long-running series.
11.30pm, OSN Comedy

The Weakest Link
Battle-axe Anne Robinson is back with another load of contestants she can mock for her own amusement.
10pm, BBC Entertainment

Live Premier League Darts
It’s round six in Glasgow featuring seven professionals trying to win Dhs900,000.
Midnight, OSN Sports 2

Sat 19

Planet Food
Food lovers flock to Spain year on year for the delicious cuisine, which is on the menu tonight.
5pm, Travel Channel

The Lion Ranger
Tonight they operate on a male and cheeky new arrivals win over a lonely lion cub.
9pm, Nat Geo Wild

Fascinating biopic about legendary painter Frida Kahlo, her risky relationships and her husband Diego Rivera.
Noon, OSN Movies

The Wizard Of Oz
Judy Garland travels over the rainbow to the timeless fantasy world, but will she ever find her way home?
10.20pm TCM

Ellen Degeneres Show
The popular comedian and chat show host chats to real people with extraordinary stories.
Midnight, OSN First

Indulge in some fast-paced heart thumping action from the Counter Terrorist Unit. Tonight Chloe offers Jack an alternative to his vengeful assassination plan.
11pm, OSN First

Scottish Premier League
Twelve fine Scottish football teams battle it out to be the best in the league. Catch up with all of the latest news tonight.
11pm, OSN Sports2

Sun 20

Dr Mike Dix gets creative with treatments.
7.40pm, Nat Geo Wild

Aircrash Confidential
Explore what happens when a plane is designed incorrectly. A jumbo jet was seriously affected when it blew up mid-flight.
10.55pm, Discovery Channel

An Education
Set in ’60s suburban London this teenager finds herself in a sinister relationship with an older man.
10pm, OSN Movies

Edgy film where a journalist ends up on a road trip with a killer, starring Brad Pitt, David Duchovny and Juliette Lewis.
11pm, MGM

Criminal Minds
The force is back with investigations of the USA’s latest vicious murderers, Prentiss suspects her old Interpol archenemy is involved.
10pm, OSN First

US comedy-drama. The crew stages an intervention for Vince and Sasha.
12.30am, OSN Comedy

European Tour
Golf coverage from the European PGA Tour, where players try to earn a place in the Dubai competition.
5pm, Fox HD

Mon 21

Horticulturalist David Tarrant finds out what’s in store for Tasmania during springtime.
4pm, Travel Channel

Deadliest Catch
One of the trickiest forms of fishing is actually crabbing. They give it a try today.
6.50pm, Discovery Science

Toy Story 3
Have the toys been abandoned? Woody tries to convince his friends to return home.
10pm, OSN Movies

I, Robot
Can robots have human emotions? Will Smith’s character is on a mission to prove they can.
10pm, OSN Movies

Only Fools And Horses
Rodney wants to be a pop star, but Del Boy isn’t having any of it.
2.15pm, BBC Entertainment

Desperate Housewives
Bree is having trouble with Keith’s stamina in the bedroom while Lynette has nanny issues.
9pm, OSN First

Golfing World
The latest highlights, tips, interviews and much more.
8pm, OSN Sports 3

Tue 22

Atlas 4D
Ever wondered why Hawaii has such good surf? The place has a huge impact on the rest of the globe with its volcanoes and wildlife – Atlas 4D explains why.
7.50pm, Discovery HD Showcase

Surviving Death
Zack was pronounced dead, but just before they were going to harvest his organs he woke up.
10.55pm, Discovery Nat Geo Wild

My Own Private Idaho
Indie flick starring River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves as friends living on the streets trying to find themselves.
12.15pm, OSN Movies

Everybody Wants To Be Italian
We see relationships and everyday life among the Italian community, but is one of them an imposter?
Midnight, MBC2

Kat is visited by a coroner, while Janine gets Whitney to break the law on the UK soap tonight.
11.15pm, BBC Entertainment

Music Video
Pop, pop and more pop tonight with music videos to get you dancing in your living room.
5pm, Fox

Scottish Premier League
Football action from the Scottish Premier League.
11pm, Fox HD

Wed 23

Destination Art
A look at the ever-changing landscape of India’s most industrial city: Mumbai. But how do two very different artists see it?
10.30pm, Travel Channel

Banged Up Abroad
Being accused of being a spy lands you in jail, as Amar Bassey found out when he disguised himself as a tribesman in Afghanistan.
11pm, Nat Geo Adventure

The Devil Wears Prada
Based on real experiences working for fashion powerhouse US Vogue, this comedy exposes the vacuous fashion industry for what it really is.
8pm, Fox Movies

The Bounty Hunter
Comedy about a man who tracks people down for bail-skipping, he find out his ex-wife is his next job.
10pm, OSN Cinema

American Idol Highlights
Funny auditions, the best performances and all the updates from the mega talent show.
11.30pm, OSN First

The Cape
More drama from the new series where a normal guy finds a magical cape that turns him into a superhero.
Midnight, 10pm, OSN First+2

Asian X Games 2009
Staged in Shanghai, it was an amazing show – see motocross, skateboarding and BMX.
7.35pm, Extreme Sports Channel

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