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American Idol
American Idol
Tavistock Cup Image #2
Tavistock Cup
Holby City Image #3
Holby City
The Pack Image #4
The Pack
Storm Chasers Image #5
Storm Chasers
Arabs’ Got Talent Image #6
Arabs’ Got Talent
Duplicity Image #7
The Bourne Ultimatum Image #8
The Bourne Ultimatum
24 Image #9
Wild Freaks Image #10
Wild Freaks
Nextworld Image #11
V8 Supercar Series Highlights Image #12
V8 Supercar Series Highlights
Live Anglo-Welsh Cup Image #13
Live Anglo-Welsh Cup
The Boat That Rocked Image #14
The Boat That Rocked
Amelia Image #15
The Gadget Show Image #16
The Gadget Show
Entourage Image #17
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers Image #18
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers
Desperate Housewives Image #19
Desperate Housewives
ACC Basketball Image #20
ACC Basketball
Big Ten Women’s Track And Field  Image #21
Big Ten Women’s Track And Field
America’s Game  Image #22
America’s Game
Evolve Image #23
Curb Your Enthusiasm Image #24
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Total Rugby Image #25
Total Rugby
Thu 10

The Universe
Learn about planets colliding, meteors and comet clusters.
7.40pm, History

Clash Of The Gods
They investigate the Minotaur, from the Greek fables, tonight. Half beast half man with the head of a bull.
9.20pm, History

Biopic with Hilary Swank and Ewan McGregor. About pilot Amelia Earhart, who attempted to fly around the world, but never came back.
9pm, OSN Premier +2

Shallow Hal
Jack Black plays a man obsessed with women’s looks and is tricked into thinking his obese girlfriend is thin.
Midnight, Fox Movies

American Idol
More singing, dancing and wannabe pop stars putting on their best show.
7.30pm, America Plus

The Gates
In this new series monsters and vampires live in this ‘secure’ gated community. Tonight Claire deals with her recent transgression.
11pm, OSN First

Total Rugby
The best bits from the rugby world, all in one comprehensive show.
11pm, OSN Sports

Fri 11

Wild Freaks
Zeb Hogan claims he’s found the largest freshwater species on the planet — the Mekong giant catfish. However, some believe you can get bigger. Join the debate tonight.
9pm, Nat Geo Wild

Take a look at what they predict cars will look like in 2030.
11.30pm, Discovery Science

The Boat That Rocked
Story based on an illegal radio station in the North Sea that captivated Britain in the ‘60s, stars Bill Nighy.
7.30pm, OSN Movies

Four girls have the summer of their life in South Carolina. They indulge in wild parties, pageants and figure out what they want from life.
11pm, MGM

Arabs’ Got Talent
It’s getting exciting on the largest talent show in the Middle East. Watch speed painters, dancers, magicians and more. [Arabic].
10pm, MBC4

Beneath The Blue
Is the US Navy’s sonar program killing dolphins? The team investigates tonight.
10pm, BBC Entertainment

Live Anglo-Welsh Cup
The knock-out competition is in full flow and pairs off the best club sides from England and Wales.
Midnight, OSN Sports

Sat 12

Mega Builders
In America they go about building the largest bridge ever, though it’s tough — they suffer in the midday sun.
4.05pm, Discovery Channel

Storm Chasers
With the team’s fancy technology they get dangerously close, yet again, to tornados, which could kill them.
7.15pm, Discovery Channel

Starsky And Hutch
A light-hearted full-length movie based on the ’70s TV series; expect fast cars and Owen Wilson.
10pm, MBC2

Face Off
John Travolta plays an FBI agent obsessed with capturing a criminal genius: in order to do so he has to change his appearance.
10pm OSN Movies Action.

Fast paced edge-of-the-seat action with Jack Bower from the Counter Terrorist Unit played by Kiefer Sutherland.
9pm, OSN First

Boardwalk Empire
The corupt politicians are once again in it knee deep, Nucky prepares for war with a rival faction.
11pm, OSN First

ACC Basketball
More slam-dunking action from the Atlantic Coast Conference.
12.30am, Fox Sports HD

Sun 13

Learn how plants and animals have evolved.
7.40pm, History

Real Emergency Calls
It’s Christmas Eve and there is a real emergency — a mother needs help with her shopping, can the firemen come to her rescue?
9.55pm, Investigation Discovery

Dead Man Walking
Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn star in this film about a nun who offers companionship to a convicted killer on death row.
8pm, OSN Cinema

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers
Classic ’50s movie in which the people in a small town have been replaced by alien doubles.
11pm, MGM

Vince does everything he can to stop Sasha doing a blue movie, he even tries to get her a part in his film.
9pm, OSN Comedy

American Dad
Comedy cartoon in the same bracket as Family Guy and South Park, this time about a right wing CIA agent called Stan. Tonight he sets up a camp Olympics.
Midnight, OSN Comedy

America’s Game
The greatest moments ever in NFL, with replays and the best bits throughout the years.
12am, Fox Sports

Mon 14

The Gadget Show
The show looks at inline skates and mobile phones tonight. Are smart phones really that clever?
7pm, Discovery Science

Kings Of Construction
Construction can be thrilling, honestly it can! This team work on some belting projects that take building stuff into the next realm.
9.30pm, Discovery Science

Dark Crystal
Brilliantly dark fantasy story set in another time and place with grotesque creatures and dragons, with a quest to find a shard of dark crystal.
9pm, OSN Movies

Superhero thriller starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson from the creators of The Sixth Sense.
11pm, OSN Action

This BAFTA-winning comedy medical show sees Ruth troubled after seeing a man kill himself.
1.25pm, BBC Entertainment

Desperate Housewives
Strange Civil War re-enactors interrupt Susan and Mike’s lovemaking and Beth tries to donate a kidney. An average day then.
8pm, OSN First

Big Ten Women’s Track And Field
Athletes compete in Basketball, cross country, hockey, track and more.
6pm, Fox Sports

Tue 15

The Pack
Ever wondered how lions hunt? Find out tonight as they prey on animals in the Singita Game Reserve.
9.20pm, Nati Geo Wild

The exotic monsters revealed tonight include the Asian Carp.
10pm, Discovery Nat Geo Wild

One of the most talked about films in history. A group of friends set out on a river rafting adventure they’ll never forget. Contains shocking scenes.
10pm, OSN Movies

The Bourne Ultimatum
American spy action movie, that could rival James Bond, staring Matt Damon. Does he smile in this film?
Midnight, MBC2

In the US version of the comedy, Jeff’s on a ‘first date’, and Calvin gives Dick pointers on writing a speech.
10pm, OSN Comedy

Holby City
Set in the same hospital as Casualty, ex-soap stars patch people up and deal with emotional situations.
11.45pm, BBC Entertainment

Tavistock Cup
An intense golf battle between teams from Islesworth and Lake Nona.
8pm, Fox HD

Wed 16

The bods explain that it may be possible to walk over pavements that make energy from footsteps, and create sky-farms that feed the masses.
11.10pm, Discovery Science

World War II: Lost Films
In 1944 on the Philippine Islands. Tuskegee airman Shelby Westbrook accompanies bombers on runs over German oil fields.
11pm, History

Julia Roberts and Clive Owen star in a romantic thriller as a pair of corporate spies who con their bosses.
9.20pm, OSN Movies

A lasting, harrowing tale in which an epidemic causes blindness. Those with the illness are quarantined and their society breaks down.
8pm, OSN Movie

Curb Your Enthusiasm
Larry dates a wheelchair-bound woman out of guilt, but reaps the perks she gets from society.
11.30pm, OSN Comedy

The Cape
A regular man comes across a magical cape and uses it to try and save his corrupt town in this new crime show.
Midnight, 10pm, OSN First

V8 Supercar Series Highlights
The tour continues, with the best bits from race days in Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.
2pm, OSN Sports

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