Banana sorbet with tropical fruit salad

Perfect recipe to enjoy in Qatar this summer

Banana sorbet with tropical fruit salad

Banana sorbet:
300g Sugar
200g Water
2 Limes
500g Banana flesh (preferably over ripe)

• Firstly boil the sugar & water together, then chill

• Add the lime juice and bananas to the mix

• Using a blender, blend the mix until smooth and pass it through a fine sieve

• If you have an ice cream machine, churn the mix until it is frozen, then either serve immediately or store for later use

• If you do not have an ice cream machine, place the mix into a freezer in a mixing bowl, then whisk every 30 minutes and re-freeze until you have a smooth, frozen sorbet

Fruit salad:
3 Mangos – ripe
4 Passion fruit – fresh
6 lychees
1 Lime
Icing sugar

• Peel and dice the mango, approx. 1 cm dice and place in a mixing bowl

• Peel the lychee and dice the flesh, adding it to the mixing bowl with the mango

• Open the passionfruit & scoop out the juice and seeds, adding it to the mix

• Add the zest and juice of the lime, then season well with the icing sugar, adjusting the sweetness to your own preference

To serve, place the fruit salad into a serving bowl and top off with a scoop of the banana sorbet. You can also add a few leaves of coriander cress to add another dimension of flavour, but this is optional!

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