What Joann Deeb from Dusit Doha Hotel is doing at home these days

She’s making massive amounts of delicious dishes

What Joann Deeb from Dusit Doha Hotel is doing at home these days

In a new regular series, we're asking the movers and shakers from the Doha F&B and hospitality industry to find out what five things are keeping them going during the lockdown.

Dusit Doha’s director of marketing and communications Joann Deeb has some exciting plans for once this is all over. That, and all the cooking she’s doing, is keeping her going.

Three things you’re enjoying doing at home right now

I have been spoiled by the perks of my job with delicious employees’ meals, so my fridge and pantry were abandoned spaces that needed some major adjustments. The abundance of time created opportunities to slow down, be more present and practise online yoga and other self-care routines to stay strong in such uncertain times.

I’ve found time to give ample attention and support to family and friends and spend some time reading. I’m now finishing a book I’ve been reading for few months – The Monk who sold his Ferrari.

I’m also now cooking a lot more than I used to.

Your favourite place to order home delivery from

Doha is rich with choices but I tend to stick to my favourite cuisines. Remman Café has delicious Lebanese food. I usually order tabbouleh, hummus, kibbeh, cheese rolls and a few more items.

Vapiano is my go-to for pizzas. The Toscana pizza is a must-try. It’s a mix of pesto and tomato sauce with herbs, marinated tomatoes, pepperoni, black olives and lots of cheese.

The first thing you’re looking forward to when this is all over

Sunny blue skies, a boat, few close friends and simply basking in the sun with a fresh beverage while listening to some deep lounge-ey vocals, knowing that I’ll get a great tan.

I’m also looking forward to travelling home to see family, followed by a trip to Switzerland for nature hikes and some chocolate indulgence.

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