Two healthy drinks recipes to try at home

Hilton The Pearl has shared these easy concoctions

Two healthy drinks recipes to try at home

You'll find loads of recipes and other inspiring ways to get cooking at home, but if you need a dose of immune boosting drinks, we've got two you can very easily prepare.

To stay energetic and healthy while at home, Hilton the Pearl has whipped up two drinks you can start your morning with or make during your afternoon breaks. These drinks are made with fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system.

Berries Blaze

Sprig of mint
A teaspoon of honey
A quarter cup of mixed berries

Smash the quarter cup of berries, with a teaspoon of honey and a spring of mint, then add some ice, a splash of soda water, a squeeze of fresh lemon and its ready.

Veggie drink

2 chopped carrots
2 chopped tomatoes
6 ounces of water
2 tablespoons of honey
Some mint leaves

Mix all the above ingredients in a blender until smooth, and it's ready. You can always add some avocados or any other vegetable you prefer.

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