Best indoor plants to grow in Qatar

Five low-maintenance plants to kick start your home gardening

Best indoor plants to grow in Qatar

While we're all indoors, there's been an increase in interest in home gardening around the world. It's a great way to experience nature inside without stepping outside (unless you have a balcony, of course).

There are loads of accounts on social media with pictures of luscious tropical ferns, indoor jungles, leafy vines, hanging plants and exotic succulents.

Vertical growing is an ideal option as it takes up little floor space and provides lots of benefits. You can use bookshelves, racks or hanging baskets.

Here are a few handy tips.

- Check the light conditions in your home. Plants have different sunlight requirements.

- Consider the care instructions of your plant – especially when it comes to watering. It’s an important factor for the longevity of your indoor garden.
- Check if you’re plants are suitable for pets and small children – some indoor plants can cause irritation.

We’ve picked five indoor plants that are convenient to grow at home and are low-maintenance. You can find all of them at most garden centres in Qatar.

Snake plant

Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue (thanks to its sharp edges), this striking indoor beauty is super tolerant of most indoor and outdoor conditions. It can survive low light levels. Water well but be sure to allow the water to drain – snake plants suffer easily from root rot. As an added bonus, NASA research has shown that snake plants can filter the air in your home.

ZZ Plant

If you’re a plant killer, then the ZZ plant is for you. This quiet hero tolerates neglect and low light conditions. Another plant that prefers well drained soil – it’s best to under water this plant rather than over water. Another plant that has been proved to remove toxins from the air. Just remember to keep the ZZ plant away from pets and small children – the plant can cause irritation.

Spider plant

Considered one of the most popular indoor hanging plants, the spider plant is great for newbies. Easy to care for, these plants thrive with well-drained soil and bright, indirect light. Brown tips are a sign of water stress – apply water liberally well but do not allow the plants to become too soggy. Spider plants prefer to dry out between watering sessions.

Peace lily

Adaptable and low maintenance, peace lilies have waxy leaves and stunning white flowers. It prefers partial shade and cleans up the air. It likes to have slightly moist soil but you’ll know when to water it – the plant will start to droop. Peace lilies can grow up to 3 feet in size (and over) if well cared for.

Devil’s Ivy

A fast-growing vine with heart shaped leaves, devil’s ivy is great for hanging indoors or grown onto a moss pole – also perfect if you’re missing a green thumb.  It can survive most harsh conditions. Its growing needs are basic – the plant thrives in filtered sunlight or bright artificial light. Water it well once a week and allow the water to run through the bottom drainage holes.

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