Things to do in Katara Cultural Village

All the exciting activities and events you can experience in this cultural hub

Things to do in Katara Cultural Village

21 High St

21 High St is perfect all year round. Its outdoor cooling technology enables chilled walks in peak summer and in winter, you can just stroll around, window shop and try some interesting food. The attractive architecture with wide, open spaces in a unique, ancient European style setting is very appealing, making it an ideal destination for the whole family. When you’re done window shopping (or actual shopping), grab at seat at Café Pouchkine. This French-Russian café has the best latte in town and if you’re craving some Russian borsch, this is exactly where you can find it.

Al Thuraya Planetarium

One of the region’s most high-tech planetariums is right here and it offers a rare and unique experience to visitors of all ages, blending entertainment with education. Take the children to Al Thuraya Planetarium in Katara, with a full-dome digital system and a seating capacity of up to 200 people. There are plenty of shows you can catch, or you can just marvel at the beauty of astronomy inside. The kids can travel through outer space and discover the solar system. A 22 m screen equipped with state-of-the-art projectors shows 2D and 3D tutorials.
Katara Cultural Village (4408 2067).

Art exhibitions and events

Building number 16 is a popular destination now. Filled with art exhibitions across the year, aficionados are almost always treated to excellent works at any time. There are plenty of other exhibitions and events that take place during the year such as the Dhow Festival and the Pigeon Exhibition.

Buildings and architecture

If you just walk around Katara, you’ll find plenty of fantastic architecture. Keep your camera ready to snap away at the beautifully designed buildings (some of them even painted gold), a falcon clinic that’s actually shaped like a falcon helmet, the iconic bird towers and lots more. Take a buggy ride for free if you don’t want to walk.

Concerts and plays

Katara being a cultural village has international concerts and intriguing, world-famous plays all year round. Most of them are free and if you stay tuned to Katara’s website and social media, you’ll get updates on all the musical events that happen.


The Katara beachfront is great for those who just want to stroll around with no commitments to spending money on food or activities. And if you’re budget-constrained, there are little kiosks selling karak and snacks that you can take advantage of. It’s pricier than cafeterias but cheaper than all the restaurants inside Katara.


The main reason most residents and tourists visit is for the exciting array of international restaurants. From the world-famous Novikov and the Instagram-worthy Boho Social to celebrity chef Vineet Bhatia’s Saffron Lounge and local favourite Mamig, there are some truly stunning venues that serve some of the best food in Qatar. Find out where to eat here.

Greek Amphitheatre

Not just for the brilliant artwork, but for the structure itself, a walk past the Greek Amphitheatre is absolutely essential. It’s one of the most spectacular pieces of architecture in the entire village and once you’re done exploring, have an Italian dinner just outside at Le Vesuvio.

Katara Hills

This marvellous outdoor space covering 361,500 sq m within Katara Cultural Village. Katara Hills is a lush new area featuring gardens, over 3,000 trees from different continents and large green meadows divided into northern and southern areas. The unique space is a top tourism spot with lots of recreational spaces, walking tracks and car parkings. There’s a beautiful water feature near the must-try Lebanese restaurant Bayt Al Talleh.

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