Seven online art classes to try if you're stuck home in Doha

There's something for beginners and professionals, too

Seven online art classes to try if you're stuck home in Doha

With all the extra time on your hands now, it’s a good chance to put those dreams of becoming amateur Michelangelos into motion. Check out our picks of online art classes you can sign up for as quickly as today and thank us in a few weeks by drawing pictures of us (preferably).

Charcoal Drawing with Aaron Blaise

If you haven’t heard of Aaron Blaise, you’ll be surprised to learn he’s worked as an animator on films like Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan and more. He now teaches digital painting and charcoal drawing – which we’re very excited about. In this class, he’ll teach you how to create a lioness and it’s a five-hour long class. You will need some basic drawing skills (it’s not for total beginners). The class retails at $40 but if you head there right now, it’s going for only $1 (not a prank, we promise).

Draw and Paint Online: Beginner’s Art by Peter Stanyer

Whether you’re just starting to think about an artistic career or you’re pretty good at drawing your own face without looking at a picture, you could surely benefit from Peter Stanyer’s 20 years of experience. This course covers all the fundamentals including mark making, tone, colour, shape, composition, perspective and more. It will cost you GBP 148 but it’s worth the money thanks to all the assignments made up of carefully structured, practical, drawing or painting projects.

Drawing and Sketching for Beginners by Robin Slee

This introductory-level class on Udemy is perfect for beginners. If you have no clue what you’re doing, all you need is $19.99 and the will to register. Digital artist Robin Slee will cover all the fundamentals in clear and concise instructions. There are 25 modules along with practical exercises for you to download.

Drawing Essentials by Glenn Vilppu

Popular international art educator Glenn Vilppu is hosting a six-week art course and we think it’s a fantastic way to spend your time indoors. It’s not a cheap course, at $600, but you can learn all the basics including how to hold a pencil correctly. Basic concepts in drawing and its application are incorporated into weekly assignments using basic materials. You won’t just be watching lengthy videos, you’ll get to put everything into practise. The classes are not just for beginners. You could be an advanced hobby artist or even a professional, and you’re still guaranteed to take something back from a few sessions with Vilppu.

Ink Drawing Techniques: Brush, Nib, and Pen Style by Yuko Shimizue

Bring your Manga obsessions to pen and paper with the help of a Japanese illustrator based in New York City. Head over to Skillshare to get a detailed guide to essential inking and drawing techniques. Subjects covered include the differences between types of papers and inks, basic brush, nib, and ink techniques, Asian vs. watercolour brushes and sketching and scanning essentials. You’ll need a Skillshare membership to access this course.

The Oatley Academy

If you want to learn to draw from a Disney artist, here’s where you should sign up. The Oatley Academy of Visual Storytelling specialises in real-time mentorships with a host of industry professionals. Founded by former Disney artist Chris Oatley, it’s a great way to foray into the world of animation and illustration.

The Complete Drawing Masterclass: From Beginner to Advanced

Created by Chad Neuman and Jonathan Simon, you can bring all those weird shapes in your imagination to reality with the help of this course on Udemy. The course teaches everyday objects, people, animals and scenes, using effective techniques. You’ll be given a list of drawing materials at the beginning of the course, but you can just start off with a pencil, eraser and paper. With more than 19 hours of video and 90 downloadable resources, this is just the course you need to take if you want to learn to draw almost anything.

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