BeatBoxing: New Doha workout class combines boxing and grooves

Kick-start your exercise routine with this fun new class

BeatBoxing: New Doha workout class combines boxing and grooves

The country is experiencing a fitness wave and we’d be surprised if you haven’t come across at least two independent initiatives every day.

People are making a more conscious effort to lead healthy lifestyles and we’ve finally decided to take the plunge, too.

Our only demand (more like a desperate request) – a fun workout session. We may not be flexible enough for reformer pilates or agile enough for RideTribe (a super fun high-intensity spinning class), but we’re definitely prepared to take on a punching bag at OxFitness Lab’s new BeatBox classes.

A workout at BeatBox Studio has nothing to do with beatboxing but more to do with boxing (and beating).

This fun workout regime combines boxing techniques and functional fitness to deliver a high intensity, aggression-releasing, endorphin-filled session. And this session also involves groovy music where you can rhythmically punch to, or box to, the beat.

OxFitness Lab is a unique fitness venture and like its counterparts such as Reformer Pilates, BeatBox is also the first-of-its-kind in Qatar.

The best part about attempting a session is here that you don’t really need to be a pro.

You can get your pretend Rocky Balboa on (or Floyd Mayweather if we’re being more contemporary) and punch away to your favourite tunes.

Beginners are welcome here as the studio uses a punch-by-numbers system that makes it easy for everyone to follow, and alter, the exercises as per their own levels of fitness, regardless of experience.

The harder you punch, the more therapeutic it is. By the end of the session, you’re bound to leave feeling lighter, more energised and much more peaceful.

The studio makes every effort to keep it fun, for instance, crafting a new playlist for every workout session.

If we have to explain this simply, BeatBox is pretty impressive with its highly qualified trainers, aesthetically pleasing studio, amazing music and of course, killer workouts (add at least three weeks of guilt for just eating a fro-yo).

After an intense workout, you can keep the rhythm going by heading over to Soul Bowl Café. It has some incredibly delicious, healthy wholefoods. And, it’s a relaxing café, ambience wise, and the perfect spot to just chill and unwind after an intense workout.

If it turns out BeatBox isn’t your thing, OxFitness Lab also offers classes such as spinning, pilates and personal training sessions in a fantastic environment. And if you need a little more pushing, download the OxFitness Lab app and you can get a free class for the first time.

Punching a bag may be considered violent in some cultures, but throw in some groovy beats to have arguably the best form of calorie-burning therapy out there. Go on, strap on some gloves.
QR100 (per session), QR20 (glove rental). Timings vary. OxFitness Lab, The Gate Mall, West Bay (4020 6430).

A funky workout where you can punch to a rhythm

You can burn calories and have fun, your experience and fitness level doesn’t matter

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