Check out Qatar's only cryosauna

Book some chill time at The Ritz-Carlton Doha

Check out Qatar's only cryosauna

We know summer is pretty much over, but let’s be honest – it’s still pretty hot out there. Which is exactly why you should visit a cryosauna. You get to walk into a vertical machine, wearing only socks, boots and mitts to protect the areas most sensitive to cold temperatures and then stand inside. The temperature inside the machine drops to an average of minus 180 degrees thanks to liquid nitrogen that cools the outer part of the body.

If you’re wondering if it’s unbearable, it’s not apparently. “The machine is switched on and you feel the cold vapour swirls around you, like a cyclone. It becomes cold very quickly but it is bearable. You can see the temperature on a screen next to you and the time completed, which is a good focus. The operator also talks to you ensuring you are comfortable and adjusts the speed of the liquid nitrogen pumped into the machine if you show signs of discomfort. And right before you begin to wonder if it’s too cold, the process is over,” says Kerry Vincent, director of The Ritz-Carlton Spa, where you can find Doha’s first cryosauna.

This sounds like a cold affair but she says the health benefits are immense. “The drop in temperature treats symptoms such as inflammation and tissue damage. It is mainly used by athletes for rehabilitation. It is also used for improving skin tone, assisting with weight loss and reducing signs of aging,” adds Vincent.

There are no adverse side effects. “Usually there is a feeling of warmth and your skin can get a little pink mainly due to the blood flowing to the outer areas to heat the skin following the cold treatment,” she explains.

The temperature can drop up to minus 200 degrees. However, a qualified professional is with you at all times. “Most people are slightly apprehensive in the beginning,” Vincent says. But the treatment leaves you feeling energised and the effects of the cold are not long-lasting. It’s a pleasant feeling, ike coming into a warm home after a blizzard outside.” Sounds splendid.
QR495 (three minutes). Open Thu, Sat 5pm-8pm. The Ritz-Carlton, Doha, West Bay Lagoon (4484 8000).

Doha’s only luxury cryosauna

For a few health benefits and to escape the summer heat

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