Gold Souk

Gold is good value in this part of the world, and many expat workers prefer to take gold back to their home country instead of cash. Barter for a bangle or bracelet safe in the knowledge that the government regulates the purity of gold, or simply admire examples of spectacular traditional bridal jewellery, which can cost thousands. The souk comes to life later in the evening when the gold gleams and gems shine the brightest.

Even if you have no intention of buying, it’s a fun place to visit and see the spectacular craftsmanship for yourself; shopkeepers are quite willing to show off articles for you to photograph, and are generally happy for you to take pictures of window displays too. If you’re intending to buy gold, traditional jewellery is predominantly 18 or 22 carat, and you’ll find it is mostly sold by weight (per gram) with an additional manufacturing charge over and above the daily rate.


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