Candles that care

We’re inspiring your shopping this month with a fully vegan and local product line

Candles that care

From candles to facial sprays, the concept of Botany is to highlight ancient medicinal ingredients and healing Middle Eastern spices that are proven to nourish, rejuvenate, replenish, hydrate and restore the health of the skin.

Time Out Doha speaks to Ghanim Al Sulaiti, co-founder of Evergreen Organics, Qatar’s first fully vegan café and founder of Botany – The Vegan Alchemist, to find out why you should and how you can shop Qatar’s first organic and vegan products line.

What inspired Botany?
The journey for Botany started by travelling around and discovering natural benefits that can be found in our environment. Botany only uses the finest ingredients from plants that have been grown organically.

Our way of thinking is more than just a brand, it is a belief that is centred on taking care of your body, being health conscious and being fully aware of what your body consumes.

Our scents and ingredients are blended using nature as the source of knowledge, and we work with different farmers and researchers through a sustainable supply chain. Our products are distributed through select boutiques around the world, and to ensure that we produce quality products, we continually engage with nature as much as possible.

Is there a market for this?
Everyone nowadays is looking for products that don’t have chemicals and are not harmful to our body, skin and environment. People are aware of what goes into their bodies today more than ever. Thanks to social media, everyone is slowly realising the negative effects of some of the products they use on their skin. This is creating a market that’s heading toward organic ingredients, consciously sourced, harm-free products.

Tell us about your products…
From the miron glass our products are packaged in, to the paper we send our invoices on, Botany is focused on using environmentally sustainable materials; recyclable and biodegradable packaging and paper.

Our first collection is called FIRE – six unique candles using non-GMO soy wax into jars made of ancient miron violet glass. Each candle is hand poured with coconut oil. This process combines the essence of alchemy and is a traditional method that can be traced back to ancient Egyptian civilisations, to keep valuable natural products preserved. We only use essential oils in our candles and no fragrance. Even the wick is made from 100 percent organic cotton.

Currently we are working on a set of five vegan organic face and body sprays that will be launched soon.

How environmentally beneficial is using a vegan product?
Vegan products are 100 percent made from plants and do not include any processed dairy or animal fat. The products we create are simple, and from nature, which also means our bodies are more accepting of it.

The effects of using vegan products are more powerful as all ingredients are sustainable and free of chemicals. They also act as perfect guards to the local weather conditions in Qatar.

We all love candles but we don’t know how harmful it is to our bodies and the environment. Most conventional candles are made with paraffin which is a waste product from the petroleum industry. It releases carcinogenic chemicals and, when burned, the fumes are similar to those released from a diesel engine and can be as dangerous as second-hand cigarette smoke. I did a lot of research and found that most candles also contain animal fat – a completely unnecessary ingredient. The products that I have created are not only good for us, but for the environment too.
From QR100 to QR250 (per product). Botany products can be purchased from They can be shipped worldwide, to your doorstep, with a cash on delivery option as well. Botany is also available exclusively at the Museum of Islamic Art gift shop and at Hamad International Airport’s gift shop IN-Q.

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