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How to buy pearls

Jewel expert Kristin Mahan tells us how to buy perfect gems

29 January 2012 07:49

Meet the king of heels

Renowned designer Manolo Blahnik on his own shopping secrets

29 October 2013 07:41

Sophie iPhone dock/case

Gadget that doubles as a Polaroid printer

17 May 2011 11:52

Zadig and Voltaire collection

Take a look at French label's latest collection

17 May 2011 11:43

Serindipity device

Time out plays with pocket watch-esque kit

27 April 2011 07:10

Adidas Originals line launched

Denim with sneakers is new look

27 April 2011 07:03

Psychology of malls

What is it that makes us spend money? Experts give their views

23 March 2011 06:45

Jeans guide

Looking for the perfect denim fit? MAF Fashion buyer Margaret Cannon pairs jeans

5 October 2009 07:30

Top shopping apps for your phone

Fashionistas favourites and trendy tips

1 July 2014 11:12

10 fashion nightmares

Overdressed, underdressed, wardrobe malfunctions and more fashion worries

3 January 2017 05:58