A fancy dining space with food that lives up to the visual hype

A fine dining restaurant with avian-themed interiors

An authentic Thai spot with excellent food

An upscale Iranian restaurant serving delicious traditional fare

A romantic, quiet steakhouse with good steaks

A brand-new steakhouse serving delicious cuts

A beautifully located restaurant with Maldivian vibes

A contemporary take on classic Lebanese fare

A brand-new, stylish steakhouse

A new Qatari concept that focuses on unusual, gourmet burgers

A restaurant serving Japanese dishes with Mediterranean touches

An Indian restaurant with fusion cuisine

A unique revolving restaurant

A small diner serving authentic Thai fare

An excellent Levantine restaurant in Doha’s best cultural hub

An all-white international restaurant

A seafood diner with a misleading name

A showstopping brand- new Peruvian diner

A pan Asian luxury diner set in the scenic Al Hazm Mall

Chef Vineet Bhatia’s new Doha venture


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