Restaurants in Souq, Doha

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Souq Waqif
Al Jomrok Boutique Hotel, Souq, Doha
Fantastic Moroccan food with a setting to match
Café Brouq
Al Mirqab Boutique Hotel, Souq Waqif (
Souq Al Wakrah
Al Jasra Boutique Hotel, Souq Waqif
Italia Mia
Epic desserts and Italian food in Souq Waqif, Doha
La Patisserie
Gorgeous pastries and quaint surroundings at Souq Waqif
La Piazza
Al Bidda Boutique Hotel, Souq Waqif
Relaxed outdoor setting and a wide range of food
Royal Tandoor
Souq Waqif
If you are going to name yourself after Morocco’s national dish, it’s best y
Gulf Horizon Hotel, Souq, Doha