Eat your way around: Al Hazm Mall

Here’s the lowdown on every worthy restaurant in this luxurious mall

Eat your way around: Al Hazm Mall

Ever driven past this spectacular structure and wondered whether to go in? If the answer is an unambiguous yes, then we’ve compiled this go-to guide for that final push. Stroll around this incredibly luxurious open-air mall and when you’re ready, browse through our top picks for the best places to grab a bite or a cup of coffee at.

Al Manchab
This restaurant is a good place to take your guests to, they can walk around the open-air mall and try some Qatari cuisine. The menu here is more diverse than you’d expect from a Qatari joint and while not every dish hits the mark, the classics will not disappoint. For newbies, try balaleet for breakfast and chicken machboos or prawns salona for lunch. Everything is beautifully presented, too.
3301 2286.

Antico Café
Antico is located right by the lift with vintage cars on both sides, making it quite an attractive location to have a cup of coffee. Speaking of coffee, you’ll find a few interesting variants of lattes like pistachio and rose and all the regulars. This café serves only breakfast items, so it’s not ideal if you’re looking for a proper sit down dinner. With this wonderful weather, grab a spot in the outdoor seating area and admire Doha’s beauty with a warm cup of tea.
4496 7021.


Aside from the fact that the entire restaurant might be a bit too white – white tables, white walls and white furniture, it’s got tasty food and fantastic service. The staff are friendlier than you’d expect and do a good job recommending dishes. You will see most tables having one risotto at least. This dish is pretty popular and one of the specials here, and we love it. The cuisine is international, so you will find a little of everything. We also highly recommend the beef stroganoff. The dynamite shrimp comes with sauce on the side, and you’re going to ask for a second helping, we assure you.
4444 5660.

Big Smoke Burger
You can clearly see a lot of investment has gone into the entire restaurant and its interiors. If only it paid the same attention to the food. Avoid the cheese balls from the starters menu. The signature burger is just okay – it has a thick patty and lots of fillings, just how we like it, however, the patty is a bit dry and for the price of almost QR100, we had higher expectations. It’s satisfying to know there’s a dedicated burger restaurant around and hopefully, it’s improved quite a bit since our last visit.
4427 2549.

Bolulu Hasan Usta
This restaurant serves Turkish dishes with a few international elements to make the dishes here more fusion rather than authentic. You can find dishes like potatoes Benedict, manti rose pasta, cheese iskender, three-cheese gozleme and Nutella kunafa, to name a few. The restaurant doesn’t exactly excel at creating these fusions but you can expect a near-decent meal, if you’re not looking at your wallet, that is.
5554 0685.

Butcha Steakhouse
This Turkish steakhouse has a diverse menu and fairly comforting interiors with brick arches, woods and chequered floors. There’s a dedicated menu for everything from gourmet beef and lamb to burgers and, our favourite, dry-aged meat. Priced like any other good steakhouse in the city, Butcha definitely has its own brand of charm.
3006 0001.

Café Noir
This luxurious café (seriously, it has black suede chairs with gold borders) is pretty straightforward when it comes to menu choices – a decent breakfast menu with local and international options like shakshouka and crêpes, an afternoon tea menu, a selection of coffees and a wonderfully long selection of specialty teas. If you love tea as much as we do, you’re going to love the options here. There is a festive tea even if you feel like you still can’t end the holiday cheer.
7075 3953.

Horatii Tiramisu Lounge

If you are looking to take your love for tiramisu to a whole new level, pass by Horatii. There’s an incredible selection of tiramisu like cappuccino crunchy and beetroot lava. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not only tiramisu the place excels at. There’s a vast menu of dishes from international cuisines, so before (or after for some people) your dose of sugary goodness, there are pizzas, pastas and plenty of other savoury items to try. Finish off with a coffee, there is a creative range here, too. Go for the hazelnut latte or the black forest latte. Just don’t mind the sweetness.
4483 6983.

L’ETO Caffe

One of the more affordable and absolutely delicious options in Al Hazm Mall, L’ETO is best known for its salads and desserts. It has a purple butterflies theme and that explains why it’s so popular with the ladies (you even get a dedicated day). There is an all-day breakfast menu, an excellent selection of salads at the salad bar for lunch and desserts that will blow your mind away. As soon as you enter, you won’t miss the massive display on your right side. Now that the weather is perfect, grab your girls and a cuppa and sit outdoors. We’re quite sure there’s lots to catch up on.
4477 4137.

Le Train Bleu

At the heart of the Gare de Lyon train station in Paris is French fine-dining at its best. Le Train Bleu or The Blue Train is an exquisite museum-like restaurant with carvings, chandeliers and frescoes covering the walls and ceiling. And tucked away in the corner of Al Hazm Mall is a recreation of that very same restaurant, and the first branch launched outside Paris since 1901. A Parisian icon right here in Doha, expect the same paintings recreated on the ceilings, the same blue seats and the beautiful gold carvings all over the walls. The food is no-nonsense French and it’s just perfect. Don’t exclude the puddings because the signature black forest dessert in the shape of a cherry is literally the cherry on top of this exquisite experience.
4443 4442.


No points for guessing the menu is here all about lobsters, from appetisers to main course (thankfully desserts don’t have any lobster in them). The trio bao here is a must-try along with the lobster salad and lobster roll. The lobster thermidor is a big portion, this Canadian lobster is split in half, cooked in a creamy sauce, topped with Parmesan and then cooked until perfectly golden. The dessert here is quite impressive, too, surprisingly. Service is great, staff are delightful and it’s the perfect time to get stuck into your favourite seafood outdoors.
4496 7022.

Nine Seven Four
This little coffee shop sits right at the centre of the mall courtyard and even though we’re a little sceptical of its offerings – a pistachio flavoured cappuccino being its best seller – we give it a try. The coffee here is excellent, to say the least. It has actual tiny chunks of pistachio in the coffee and surprisingly it isn’t half as sweet as we expect it to be. The red velvet coffee is, true to its name, red in colour and also tastes just as good. If you’re passing by and want to stop for a quick tasty sip, this is your best bet. All drinks can be served either hot or cold.
7055 5445.

Recep Usta
Clearly, Turkish fine-dining is very popular in this mall. The food here is decent with a selection of appetisers (you can find our favourite cig kofte on the menu), salads, a few house specials which are heavy on pockets but quite tasty (the tum kuzu dolma costs QR2,000 but serves around ten people) and desserts. Nothing extraordinary about this spot, but definitely worth a visit if you’re craving some authentic Turkish and happen to be in the ultra-luxury mall.
4444 4606.

This luxurious pan Asian restaurant lives up to its name as far as the interiors are concerned with marble walls and gold bars on top of them and beautiful suede couches all across. The food is almost as beautiful, but what this place lacks is finesse. It misses out on small details like having serviettes at the table or changing plates in between courses. The food is still delicious and if there’s one dish we absolutely recommend, it would be the salmon maki rolls. The drinks here are very creative and served in unique containers like a globe or a flower pot with actual flowers.
4427 4200.


Ambience wise, we really love Sasso – it’s quaint, dim and still has an element of sophistication. The detail is intricate as well, with beautiful plates and cutlery. The décor doesn’t scream Italian, but it will do. The food, on the other hand, is hit and miss. The risotto here is absolutely delicious, as is the pasta, but the appetisers, especially the parmigiana, are disappointing. We suggest sticking to the mains for the best experience here.
6644 0590.

It wouldn’t be fair to compare this restaurant to any of its other counterparts in the city, but if we have to, Takht-e-Jamshid pales in comparison. The food is still delicious, but a simple Ash-e-reshte will cost you QR45 and if you move on to kebabs in the mains, you will dish out anywhere between QR150 and QR200 per dish. Expectedly, every restaurant in Al Hazm Mall oozes luxury and hence has the license to sell regular food at double its worth. We aren’t in love with the interiors, it’s a bit too tacky for our taste. You will still have a good experience if you’re sitting outdoors, but nothing really to write home about.
4436 7722.

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