Astor Grill launches a new menu

This newly opened restaurant at The St. Regis truly impresses

Astor Grill launches a new menu
Astor Grill launches a new menu Image #2

With a flurry of steakhouses in Qatar, how do you choose which one to visit this weekend? We’ve just made your task much easier.

Astor Grill Steakhouse has recently reopened (after a long hiatus) and it’s launched an incredible, brand new menu, which we can attest to. You’ll find some exquisite cuts of meat and fish prepare on a Josper grill (an oven plus grill that allows for precise temperature control and gives food exceptional char-grilled flavours with tender textures) and a large selection of delectable starters, sides and desserts.

We love the new dishes on offer and some of our favourites include the 48hours wagyu beef ribs, lobster tails, Angus steak tartare, dry-aged beef burger, Rockefeller oyster, grilled hamour and a lot more. Additionally, if you are a vegetarian, you can still have a fantastic culinary experience at this steakhouse. There’s an entire cauliflower on the menu, and it’s not just your average kitchen dish. The chef’s barbecue cauliflower with spiced tahini, lemon, chives, garlic and pomegranate will blow you away. The heirloom tomatoes also make for a brilliant starter. We also highly recommend the smooth, creamy and wonderful whipped potato with paprika and truffle for a side.

Another reason the experience is exciting here is the salt platter. The servers bring out a large slate of different kinds of salt with a grater and there’s everything from smoked salt and black salt to Himalayan pink salt and spicy salt. The additional homemade sauces are a real winner – our favourite is the chef’s indulgent Romesco sauce preparation.

Fun fact – Astor Grill is the only restaurant in the country offering dry-aged prime meat prepared on the grill in the Josper oven. The dry aging process takes up to 21 days where primal cuts are hanged in a refrigerated room with a humidity of 75-80 percent and temperatures are between zero and four degrees Celsius. Guests experiencing the dry-aged meat will notice a difference in flavours and texture. “There is a greater concentration of beef flavours and the meat is tenderer,” says James Norman, executive chef at The St. Regis Doha. He added, “With a deep understanding of prime cuts and the use of the finest ingredients, Astor Grill Steakhouse keeps raising the bar in Qatar.”

The atmosphere is relaxed, the views are beautiful and the service is top-notch. We don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t book a table for this weekend (and every weekend after in case you’re a fan like us).
Open daily 4pm-midnight. Astor Grill Steakhouse, The St. Regis Doha, West Bay Lagoon, (4446 0105).

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