Carnival of Brazil at Rodizio

Celebrate the Carnival of Brazil with all-you-can-eat Churrascaria

Carnival of Brazil at Rodizio
Carnival of Brazil at Rodizio Image #2

The colourful streets of Rio will be right here in Doha. The Carnival of Brazil will be celebrated right here in Doha at Rodizio Brazilian Churrascaria and we are definitely looking forward to this. We already love Rodizio’s meat cuts that are prepared on live, open-flame grills, right in the middle of the restaurant and then brought to your table by the Passadores who slice the cuts in front of you. It’s perfectly gimmicky and this time around, guests will not only experience the authentic Brazilian Churrascaria, but also some amazing live Latin music from resident Brazilian band D’Habanason, in a colourful and vibrant setting. There are Brazilian flags all over, too.

After you get to your table, you will be directed to the appetiser island with an array of salads and appetisers to choose from and can we quickly throw in that the sweet potato salad should not be missed? The tables have Rodizio coasters with red and black sides for yes, I can’t stop eating and need a continuous supply of your brilliant meat cuts and for no, I am so done and literally need to roll out of here.

You can either choose from the a la carte menu, or enjoy delicious selections of prime cut meat, poultry and seafood from their Explore Brazil menu (with five different cuts). They also have an Experience it all menu with unlimited quantities of13 different cuts.
QR165 (all-you-can-eat, if you arrive before 7pm). Until Feb 16, 6pm-midnight. Crowne Plaza Doha – The Business Park (4408 7888).

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