Doha’s Brilliant Breakfasts

Shereen D’souza usually only likes her eggs in a cake. But she’ll make an exception for any of these ones. Kim Wyatt is massively talented. She’s crushed cornflakes and burned bread to create and photograph this herself

Doha’s Brilliant Breakfasts
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Sometimes, not very often admittedly, but sometimes, we can't help but feel brunch is overrated. And so, for anyone having one of those days, we've finally gone gallivanting around town, trying various different breakfast options (some good, some average, some painful). We've picked the best of the best and presented them on a platter for your delectation. From eggs and avocado to masala dosas and shakshoukas, we’ve covered the lot. The only thing you have to do is wake up, and here are 30 reasons why.

Breakfast Around the World at Pool Grill

The Pool Grill has a cool breakfast concept. Served on rustic cast iron plates, you can choose from Western and Middle Eastern breakfast items to healthy and gluten-free dishes. Or, discover dishes from different parts of the world with their selection of classic international breakfasts. You also get 10 percent off if your choice of breakfast matches your nationality. Ozzies, they even have Vegemite!
QR70 (starting). Four Seasons Doha (4494 8600).

Texas Toast at Ric’s Kountry Kitchen
This American diner is more popular than you’d expect for its all-American décor and, of course, super greasy food. The dishes here aren’t particularly cheap, but the portions are good and it’s one of the most non-conventional places you can try for breakfast. We all love everything fancy here, don’t we? Ric’s is exactly not that. Besides their delicious Texas Toast, you can go for lots of other breakfast options from breakfast burritos and eggs any way to pancakes and sausages. The good news is you’ll be so stuffed, that skipping lunch afterwards will be no problem at all.
QR16. Umm Ghwailina (4443 7846).

Eggs Benedict at Eggspectation
Yes, this is the most clichéd thing to order at a breakfast place, but we assure you, this is one of the best Eggs Benedicts you'll have tried, especially because of the added beef bacon. From the Hollandaise to the potatoes, everything is delicious. You’ll also love the Benedict with Benefits – it's the lighter version where they use multigrain bread. Eggspectation has so many other exciting breakfast options as well. If you’re looking for a satisfying bagel, try their breakfast one. Or just be totally random and order the chicken and waffles (yes, it’s on the menu). Whatever you order, you will love the vibe here. Which also means it can get pretty crowded, and you will most likely have to wait for a table.
QR53. Medina Centrale, The Pearl-Qatar (5040 9900).

Chicken fajita sandwich at Takeaway
Takeaway isn’t the best place to dine in, and no points for guessing we recommend only taking away their delicious chicken fajita sandwich. It’s filled with tasty sauce, bell peppers and loads of chicken. They even do a good job wrapping it, to the extent that it’s almost leakproof.
QR12. Various outlets.

Egg sandwich from Al Banuche cafeteria
If there's one breakfast spot in Doha we highly recommend you try, it's this one. This tiny cafeteria opposite the Jeep showroom in Al Hilal makes the best egg sandwiches in town. This iconic egg sandwich contains a delicious omelette with two or three eggs, mayonnaise (yes, it really works) and a bunch of other stuff. You can choose to eat it flat (like a pizza), or have it rolled up. They generously throw in chillies, so make sure you tell them not to if you can’t handle a week’s worth of heat. Now, hold your jaw up while you read the price listed below...
QR3. Al Hilal (4462 2026).

Poached Eggs from jones the grocer
This Australian spot is always buzzing with people and if you’re a late weekend-breakfaster, you’ll be happy to know that jones serves tasty poached eggs on multigrain bread till 3pm on the weekends.
QR38. The Gate Mall (4407 7175).

Healthy Banana Pancakes at Chef’s Garden
Chef’s Garden is definitely one of the most beautiful places to have breakfast at. The lush green landscapes create the perfect backdrop for their healthy banana pancakes and a nice cup of French-pressed coffee. Best to go here alone and spend the morning with a nice book and beautiful views (or catch up on social media without your friends nagging you).
QR50. Marwan Club, Education City, Qatar Foundation, Al Gharaffa (4409 5041).

Breakfast Sampler at IHOP
Double up on breakfast with two of everything at IHOP – two eggs, two strips of beef bacon, two veal sausages, two slices of turkey ham, hash browns and two fluffy, buttermilk pancakes. You will probably need two stomachs to digest all that, and two cups of herbal tea when you get home, too.
QR46. Gulf Mall (4452 9634).

Lemon Custard and Rose Cream French Toast at Tea Club
Have you seen how beautiful Tea Club is? If you haven’t already, we’re giving you an amazing reason to go check it out. They’re known for their luxury afternoon teas but also have some of the best French toasts in Doha. We’re talking about two pieces of delicious French toast filled with lemon custard and rose cream. Why are you still here?
QR65. 31 La Croisette, Porto Arabia, The Pearl-Qatar (4444 4707).

Beef MuffIns at The Breakfast Club
Okay, so obviously all the dishes here scream breakfast, and it’s really hard to pick just one. But we love these unique beef muffins for lots of reasons. A delicious slice of beef is rolled up, stuffed with mashed potatoes and mushrooms and served on an English muffin. Also, it’s not a massive portion which can only mean one thing – more breakfast! Try the avo sandwich which features, yes, avocadoes, cheese and eggs. Umm, yum!
QR65. Qanat Quartier, The Pearl-Qatar (4437 4320).

Breakfast Buffet at Vine
Here’s a sophisticated brunch to check out (your clients and international guests will love you for it) for its live cooking stations for waffles, eggs and much more. Don’t miss out on the chef’s special shakshouka and the juice station, which features energisers and boosters including protein shakes and smoothies. Just don’t forget your stretchy pants below that blazer.
QR150. St. Regis Hotel Doha (4446 0105).

Energising Breakfast at La Piazza

Souq Waqif on a weekend morning is a top idea, especially in this weather. And we’ve found just the thing. Indulge in homemade pastries, including gluten-free options, world and Arabic cuisine, eggs your way, a selection of cheese, fruits and more. When you’re done stuffing yourself, you’ll really appreciate the long walk back to your car.
QR70. Al Bidda Boutique Hotel (4433 6998).

Mado Country Breakfast at Mado
An authentic Turkish breakfast to kick off the weekend is high on our list. And with Mado’s selection of delicious cheese, savoury Turkish butter, eggs with sautéed tomatoes and gozleme, this Turkish breakfast just secured the top rank. If you see us there this month (with countless soiled plates), come say hi.
QR70. The Pearl-Qatar (4412 2393).

Manouche at Sabah W Masa
Lebanese breakfasts are great if you’re done with all the eggs and avocado on toast the city has to offer. They’re light, they’re delicious and, in most cases, reasonably priced. Sabah W Masa has some delicious Lebanese fare and we love how fresh everything is here. The manouche is pretty popular, for good reason.
QR8-22 (depending on the toppings). 16 La Croisette, Porto Arabia, The Pearl-Qatar (6631 0163).

Amazing Acai Bowl at Evergreen Organics
This is the healthiest place you can have breakfast at in Doha. Everything they serve is natural, organic and, fortunately, very tasty. This acai bowl, for instance, is really amazing – it’s loaded with fresh apples, mangoes, Brazilian acai, agave, coconut flakes, goji berries, coconut and flax seeds. Fair warning: you might want to become a full-time vegan after eating here.
QR65. Qanat Quartier, The Pearl-Qatar (4472 0437).

Kinder Pancakes at Sugar Spice
We already know how lovely this little restaurant is. They serve some of the best desserts and coffee in town, in a really darling set-up. So, really, it’s no surprise that these pancakes feature on our list. Who said you can’t have dessert for breakfast? And if there are layers of fluffy pancakes topped with mouthwatering, melted kinder chocolate, there’s no stopping us. Take a hint.
QR35. Aspire Park, Al Waab (4038 9668).

Chuck Berry at W Café

This power boost smoothie from W Café’s special new smoothie menu is going to keep you pumped all day. And we always love a colourful breakfast. This smoothie is a mix of strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, dates, banana and greek yoghurt blended with soya milk. If that sounds too good to be true, then grab your calendar and mark the date to go and actually try it out.
QR45. W Doha Hotel & Residences (4453 5385).

Cheese or Chocolate Breakfast at Mokarabia

Our favourite place to chill, you asked? Mokarabia, definitely! There’s nothing to not love about this quaint, cosy and charming café. There’s a massive number of books to read, really comfy seating and a cheese breakfast to write home about. Now, if you’re not a cheese lover (we really hope this isn’t true), Mokarabia has a Plazio Chocolate Breakfast. In the very rare case that you are not a chocolate or cheese lover, besides getting help, we recommend having the delicious shakshouka here. But, seriously, you like chocolate, right?
QR65. Ezdan Towers, West Bay (4040 9540).

Breakfast Tray at Baladna

Want a big tray of home-made, farm goodness? Dig into all the delicious and super fresh selection of cheese, eggs, jams, vegetables and lots more. If you want to make a weekend of it, drive all the way to the actual Baladna Farm. Hardly an hour away from Doha, the farm is a great place for the family. You can eat, shop and take a tour of the farm, seeing cute animals on your way round.
QR145. Mall of Qatar (5000 2655).

Foul at Damasca One
One of the most popular places to go in Souq Waqif, Damasca One has spectacular interiors, amazing views and some of the best Arabic food. Try the foul here, and along with it, a bowl of hummus and some mixed manakeesh. You won’t regret it.
QR29. Souq Waqif (4475 9088).

Levantine Breakfast at Orient Pearl

Have you ever wondered what’s behind those beautifully lit-up fountains every time you drive towards the Sharq Interchange on the Corniche? If you haven’t been here already, there’s a luxurious restaurant that’s as perfect in the daytime as it is at night. There’s a huge play area for children, so leave them there and enjoy a selection of Levantine items from a set breakfast menu. If you stay longer, you’ll get to chill out to live music while also trying their shisha as well.
QR80. Al Corniche (4410 6666).

Fatteh Hommos at Debs W Remman

Dine in an Old Beirut atmosphere at this beautiful spot and enjoy some traditional cuisine from the Levant. They have some of the best halloumi cheese and mixed manakeesh, but we love the fatteh hommos here. It’s light and refreshing, and loaded with our favourite pine nuts on the top.
QR29. Medina Centrale, The Pearl-Qatar (4456 8374).

Eggs Cassoulet at La Casa 28

Here’s something different to try, if you’re done with all the regulars. A combination of striking flavours and ingredients make this a not-to-miss dish – white beans, stuffed pimento, crispy chicken and soft eggs in a delicious picante sauce. We’re sold. You?
QR42. Mall of Qatar (4412 7342).

Eggs Awarma with Labna at Remman CafEé

This cute and colourful caf is the perfect breakfast spot. From the flower motifs on the wall to the chequered tablecloth, you’ll love how well done this place is. There are lots of traditional items to try out here. Eggs Awarma with Labna is absolutely delightful and really filling. They also have balila and foul medames. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what all of this means, try it anyway and then thank us later.
QR42. Ezdan Towers 1, West Bay (3308 3888).

Full Monty Breakfast at Garveys

Chill near the pool and gorge on turkey bacon, beef sausages, eggs, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans and toast. A glass of orange or grapefruit juice is complimentary. You’ll love how reasonably priced this breakfast is.
QR50. Al Aziziyah (4458 2466).

Egyptian Breakfast at Palestine Cafeteria
We’re giving away a big secret here... Near Kutub Roundabout is a tiny cafeteria (with no parking most of the time) and they serve the best selection of Egyptian breakfast items for the cheapest prices. Go for a combination of foul, falafel, hummus, spiced eggplant (greasy but so good) and French fries. Make sure you have soda by your side. Pro tip: do not think about the after-effects. Best breakfast ever.
QR20-25 (depending on how many dishes you choose). Kutub Roundabout, Al Ghanim (4431 3633).

Chicken Tikka Sandwich at JG Sandwich Cellar
We have to admit, the chicken tikka sandwich here is better than the ones you’d find in some of the Indian restaurants in Doha. We can also attribute this to the fact that it’s far less spicy. And so reasonably priced it's almost ridiculous. We love the French press here, and it's easily one of our favourites in town. This is a Saturday morning kind of place, laid-back, not crowded, with quick service and a creepy, life-size statue of a British butler at the entrance staring at you (for some reason), and even though you try not to look, you can’t help feeling his eerie gaze drill a hole through your sides wherever you find yourself sitting. On that note, have a great, relaxing breakfast!
QR22. Umm Ghwailina (4435 7559).

Homemade Granola at Santa Monica Breakfast Club
Santa Monica Breakfast Club brings LA County vibes with a healthy kick and a SoCal smile in a lively, vibrant setting. The seating is cosy and there’s so much to do around here, so you can stick around long after you've happily filled your belly. And, they do breakfast all day, which is a true bonus for any of you late-risers out there! The granola is a healthy and very tasty way to start the day (or to get enough energy to try more things off their menu, at the very least). So whether you go for granola or pile on the pancakes, you’ll have a fun experience to take back home with you.
QR35. Grand Hyatt Doha (4477 4411).

Ladies Breakfast at Market by Jean-Georges
You lucky ladies, you. You get a discounted price on Market’s indulgent breakfast buffet all days of the week. On the weekends, and for men, it’s QR140. You can have eggs your way, a selection of cheese, cold cuts, some main items, lots of fruits and juices. Best of all, it’s a pretty buzzing place and you’ll love how the vibes properly wake you up here, even on a weekday morning.
QR80 (for ladies, on weekdays). W Doha Hotel & Residences (4453 5000).

Rava Masala Dosa at Bharath Vasanta Bhavan
This typical South-Indian eatery serves up some of the best – no, actually, the best – rava masala dosa in D-Town! The service is super-fast and very efficient. In fact, you won’t even know when your plate was changed and when your glass of water was topped up. The dosa here also comes with three of the most delicious chutneys (we can’t pick the best one, they’re all equally good) on the side, and a load of semi-mashed spiced potato filling. Get yourself there. Now.
QR12. Fereej Bin Mahmoud (4443 9955).

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