Best pistachio desserts in Doha

We are obsessed with going green, so we're eating every pistachio dessert she can find in town. Here are the best 15 of them...

Best pistachio desserts in Doha

We have a confession to make – we’re nuts about pistachio. And in a bid to sate our cravings, we’ve been on a mission to find the best desserts featuring our favourite member of the cashew family. You’re obviously going to read the word pistachio more than you’d like, but by the end of this, there’s only one thing you’re going to want to do – crack some open...

Pistachio milk cake
Immersed in pistachio milk sauce, this cake is topped with loads of fresh cream and garnished with dried roses and ground pistachio. It is light, moist and delicate, just the way we like it.
QR39. Fy Café, Al Sadd (4444 4656).

The cloud
We already know that Sugar & Spice is Doha’s best café. But add this cloud-like dessert into the deal and it raises the stakes yet further. This cheesecake is anything but ordinary. It’s rich and creamy, covered with vanilla candy floss and garnished with, you guessed it, pistachio. Yum!
QR50. Sugar & Spice, Al Waab (4038 9668).

Pistachio chocolate fondant
Discover a hidden surprise inside this warm chocolate fondant, filled with delicious pistachio sauce, covered with sweet pistachios and shaved chocolate on the top. It comes with your choice of ice cream flavour, too. As if you needed any further enticement.
QR48. Dip ’n Dip, The Pearl-Qatar (4477 4271).

Pistachio kunefe
Mado’s very own Turkish delight is a slice of hot, crispy kunefe, stuffed with ground pistachio and served with Turkish vanilla ice cream on the side. Resistance is futile.
QR35. Mado, The Pearl-Qatar (4436 4622), Al Gharafa (4412 2393).

Choco pistachio
By now, you might have already figured this is our favourite combination. This delicious dessert is served to your table on a hot skillet. Warm pistachio cake and thick chocolate milk sauce on the side. Perfect.
QR48. Eau De Rose, Al Gharafa (3377 7898).

Thousand leaves of Sicily
A dramatic name can only mean a dramatic dessert and, frankly, that sounds great to us. This nutty ice cream to beat the summer heat comes with caramel and pistachio gelato, sandwiched between almond brittles and served with white chocolate sauce. Honestly, what are you waiting for?
QR58. Cioccolati Italiani, West Bay Lagoon (4442 1996).

Pistachio waffle
Just when we thought they couldn’t get any more creative with these desserts, we find this crispy pistachio waffle, drizzled with pistachio sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream. It comes with loads of crushed nuts on the top – just the type of garnish we like.
QR59. Coffeeshop Company, various locations.

Pistachio cake
This might sound ordinary, but you’ll be surprised at how much goodness just one single sugary piece of cake can contain. The first layer consists of light and fluffy white chocolate mousse, followed by pistachio mousse and a moist pistachio cake. It is then drizzled generously with a creamy, nut sauce.
QR45. White Sugar, The Pearl-Qatar (4414 3777), (7014 4777).

Pistachio crêpe cake
Another fabulously fattening combination, because you can never have enough nuttiness. This crêpe cake is several layers of pancakes, stuffed with pistachios and drizzled with warm chocolate sauce. What diet plan?
QR39. Crepe Béchamel, The Pearl-Qatar (4431 3694).

Pistachio sponge cake
As the name suggests, this moist, spongy cake is layered between creamy pistachio frosting and drizzled with sauce. Milk chocolate pieces are thrown on top. All we can say is, it’s completely worth the long drive to Al Khor.
QR20. Treats Desserts, Al Khor Mall (4444 0774).

We’re mostly excited about this because of how regal the name sounds. This pistachio-flavoured cake comes with vanilla ice cream, loads of white cotton floss on top and a rich chocolate sauce on the side. It actually looks as good as it tastes.
QR39. Chocoglaze, Abu Hamour (6695 9141).

Pistachio Tres Leches
If you’re already a fan of this triple-milk cake, pistachio takes it to another level, proving once again that Arnag serves some of the best desserts in town. A moist layer of pistachio cake immersed in pistachio milk sauce and garnished with chopped pistachio. Enough said.
QR29. Arnag, Al Wakra (3368 2522).

Lotus Pistachio
As big fans of Lotus, we can’t tell you how excited we were about this creation – oh, okay, if we must! The bite-sized pieces make you feel less guilty about eating a delicious crêpe stuffed with pistachio cream, lotus cream and chocolate sauce.
QR49. Crepa Crepa, The Pearl-Qatar (4442 7927).

Pistachio dessert plate
This dessert is a bit more hardcore on the pistachio front. It’s filled with different types of Turkish desserts putting the nut to good use. There’s the crispy pistachio sobiyet stuffed with crushed pistachios and cream; pistachio burma; pistachio kunefe; pistachio ice cream, and more besides. You can share this dish, but are you sure you want to do that?
QR35. Mado, The Pearl (44364622), Al Gharafa (4412 2393).

Pistachio cheesecake
It’s about time cheesecake made an appearance. This version is rich and has a unique shape as well as taste. It consists of a flavourful pistachio layer covered with crushed pistachios on top of a buttery biscuit. Indulgence rarely tasted so good.
QR45. Crêpe Béchamel, The Pearl-Qatar (4431 3694).

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