Best takeaways in Doha

27 reasons to dine in your own home at breakfast, lunch and dinner

Best takeaways in Doha

Now that summer is firmly upon us, afternoons spent sipping coffee over lunch on The Pearl while enjoying a picturesque sea view are but a distant memory. But July in Doha doesn't have to mean crying into your beans on toast dinner, reminiscing about the good old days before everyone jetted home for the summer and left you to fend for yourself.

There's no shame in ordering yourself a feast and binge-watching I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. We aren't judging. These 27 home delivery spots won't let you down. They're just a phone call away, and ready to rush over armed with whatever food you fancy. They won't let you down.

Average price for two, based on one starter and one main per person.

Thai Corner
Best for: Thai classics
What to order: Green curry; pad Thai; glass noodle salad
This tiny little spot in the car park of The Centre on Salwa Road has an equally tiny menu of just 20 dishes. Though this may sound limiting, Thai Corner does the classics so well that it doesn’t matter. If you’ve got a craving for perfect pad Thai or green curry that’s spicy and creamy in equal measure, this is your place. The cashew chicken with chillies is another standout dish, as is the minced chicken salad with herbs – if you’re in the mood for a light, fresh meal, order it to go with the fiery glass noodle salad.
The Centre, Salwa Road, Al Muntazah (6640 7858).

Indian, Chinese, Turkish
Best for: Veggie dishes and mild Indian curries
What to order: Paneer makhani; fish tikka achari; kadai murgh; lemon coriander rice
It’s difficult not to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice that Aalishan offers. Its menu is more than 200 dishes long, and that’s before you even get to the Turkish section. But Indian is what Aalisan does best. The tandoori meat exceeds almost anywhere else we’ve tried in the city, including some of the pricier high-end restaurants (though we would happily pay a premium for the fish tikka achari which is so soft and fall-apart tender that we have, on occasion, devoured a few portions at once).
Paneer dishes are a highlight, particularly the makhani which is rich and liberally spiced, and veggies are well-catered for, as are homesick Brits thanks to the inclusion of a cracking vindaloo (that's approximately half as oily as you’d get back in Blightly).
Ibn Seena Street, Al Muntazah (4441 6098).

California Tortilla
Best for: Pretending to be healthy
What to order: Korean barbecue burrito; honey lime burrito; fish tacos
If ordering a huge takeaway and installing yourself in front of the TV leaves you with an overwhelming sense of guilt, order from California Tortilla. Is it totally healthy? Probably not. Can you kid yourself into believing it is? Definitely.
You can make a meal as light or filling as you want with the build-your-own burrito, or by going for a tortilla-less burrito bowl. Options like the Korean barbecue burrito are crammed full of chicken slathered in thick, spicy-sweet sauce and Sriracha. The Caribbean mango salad with blackened chicken and avocado is another protein-full option for the health-conscious. Just don’t make the mistake of checking the calorie counts on the US website. Ignorance is bliss.
Four branches including: Ramada Junction, C Ring Road; Al Meera, Duhail; 01 Mall, near QDC & Qatar Scientific Club, Abu Hamour; Medina Centrale, The Pearl-Qatar. (4434 4144).

Ric’s Kountry Kitchen
American Tex-Mex
Best for: An extra-lazy breakfast in bed
What to order: Blueberry pancakes (the giant stack, obviously)
If you’re one of the lucky people to be living within Ric’s delivery range, you could order breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week and still not get through the huge menu (which includes everything from burgers and baked potatoes to Cajun fried fish, shrimp platters and Po Boy sandwiches). If you order just one meal, though, make it breakfast. The cloudy, golden blueberry pancakes with their sharp pockets of tart berry are best eaten smothered in butter and maple syrup. For more spice and less sugar go for the mountainous portion of huevos rancheros, or, if you really want to go all out, order the Farmer’s Special. For QR64, you’ll get three eggs any style, home fries, breakfast steak, biscuits with sausage gravy and Texas toast. Don’t expect refinement, do expect simple, stodgy comfort food.
Beside Al Meera, Ras Abu Abboud Street, Umm Ghuwailina (4443 7846).

Best for:
Authentic Italian thin-crust pizza
What to order: The Buffalina pizza (cherry tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella and rocket); the Mito (mozzarella, Taleggio cheese, spicy salami and sundried tomato)
There are no less than 86 varieties of pizza at Fabio’s, a few topped with slightly unorthodox ingredients like grilled polenta or gorgonzola and sliced apples. The bases are what make Fabio’s stand out with their crisp exterior and doughy texture. If you order pasta, go for one of the freshly made options like gnocchi Bolognese or simple orecchiette in tomato sauce. They aren’t quite as good as the pizzas but they will satisfy anyone’s craving for a hearty bowl of carbs (skip dessert altogether which unfortunately doesn’t live up to the quality of the rest of the food). It’s a pricier takeaway option than most, but what it lacks in budget pricing it makes up for in superior quality and fresh ingredients – so you can rest assured that the crabstick on your frutti de mare isn’t from a questionable bag of frozen seafood.
Othman Bin Affan Street, Al Aziziyah, (4416 5641 / 6631 1716).

Just in Case
Best for: Crowd-pleasing
What to order: Shoestring fries; Greek pulled beef burger
The ethos of Just in case is healthy, homemade, wholesome food that’s fresh and nutritious. Though there are some salads (that are pricey for their size), we wouldn’t call the food particularly healthy. The menu mainly consists of pizza, burgers, hotdogs and mains like butter chicken or chicken cordon bleu. This said, Just in Case can be a good option if everyone’s in the mood for something different. We also like the fact that, for once, a side salad is the same price as a portion of chips and the pulled-beef burgers are a welcome change from standard, fried burger patties.
Al Rabban Tower, Al Shalt Street, West Bay, (4466 0648).

Bread & Bagels

Best for: Baked goodies
What to order: Salmon with cheese bagel; Caprese bagel; lemon ricotta cookies
This is a far-better-than-average spot that makes ordering a sandwich feel like a treat. It takes a slightly more “gourmet” approach to bagels, with fillings like honey walnut cream cheese, fish fillet with tartare sauce or Portobello mushrooms. The cakes, muffins and desserts are also far better than most. Where most places have the standard cheesecake (and maybe chocolate fudge cake, if you’re lucky), Bread & Bagels has a list to rival most bakeries including seven muffin flavours, strawberry cake, pineapple cake, coconut cake, banoffee pie, lemon ricotta cookies and a caramelised chocolate almond tart.
Beach Tower, Diplomatic Street, Doha (4411 0041).

Yellow Cab Pizza
Best for: Fans of American-style thick crust pizza
What to order: The gourmet Garden (mozzarella, cheddar, minced garlic, zucchini, eggplant, fresh tomatoes, black olives, capers, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers); the Four Cheese (Mozzarella, Cheddar, Emmental and Feta)
Yellow Cab's pies are the antithesis of crispy, thin-base pizzas – they are more akin to the thick, chewy, deep-fried bases of popular fast food chains. Not that this is a bad thing. On whichever side of the thin-crust-thick-crust fence you fall, we aren’t judging… that much. Yellow Cab offers a pretty standard variety of topping combinations, but there are a few curveballs in there like a salsa, chicken and lemon combo or the roasted shrimp and garlic. For something a bit different, try the Dear Darla, made of rolled up thin-crust pizza with arugula and alfalfa sprouts.
Six locations including: Umm Salal (44172244); Souq Al Ali (44888916); Markhiya (44888310); Muaither (44876660); Dar Al Salam (44872226); Parco Mall (44154111).


Best for:
Quality Middle Eastern fare and healthier meals
What to order: Shish taouk; Iranian chicken (marinated in labneh and spices); cheese rolls with parsley; quinoa burger
Takeaway is generally associated with unhealthy, greasy, guilty-pleasure kind of food, but if you live around West Bay, Eatopia is one of the few places where you can get pretty much restaurant-standard food delivered, albeit for a slightly higher price (minimum order for delivery is QR100). Though the menu covers Italian and Western food as well as sandwiches, sushi and desserts, Eatopia does Middle Eastern fare particularly well. The grilled meat platters are tender, moist and full of flavour and go well with the creamy hummus with pine nuts. There’s also a good selection of burgers including a quinoa burger with tzatziki, feta, hummus and avocado (ask for extra tzatziki), or one topped with beef chorizo, guacamole, cheddar, onion and tomato.
The Gate Mall, Dafna (4020 6400).

Thai Cuisine
Best for:
Spicy Thai food
What to order: Som tam salad; Phad Kra Praw (chicken or beef with Thai basil and red chilli); Phad Med Ma Muang (beef, chicken, or seafood stir-fried with cashew nuts and vegetables in oyster sauce)
Another failsafe option for authentic Thai food, Thai Cuisine has a concise menu mainly focusing on stir-fries plus red and green curries. There are also some options that even die-hard fans of South East Asian cuisine might be less familiar with like Khai Jiaw – deep-fried eggs with a choice of marinated minced chicken or finely chopped king prawns. Some new additions to the menu include whole steamed fish with lemon sauce and fried fish with sweet and spicy sauce. Most of the dishes on the menu include chilli, so if you like your Thai hot and fiery, this is your place.
Freej Bin Mahmoud (7730 6738).

Roger’s Diner
American; Tex-Mex
Best for: Classic all-American Tex-Mex
What to order: Buffalo chicken burger, beef burrito
Every inch an American Tex-Mex chain, the menu is full of nachos, burritos, burgers, hot dogs, quesadillas, chicken wings, loaded potato skins and the like. It can be hit and miss, and food does tend to be pretty greasy, but is that always a bad thing? Portions are hefty and there are some reliable choices on the menu. Skip the sandwiches and hotdogs, for example, and get the buffalo chicken burger instead which is packed with much more flavour. The sizzling fajitas can sometimes be a bit too dry, so the beef burritos are a better option – especially when ordered with the black beans and corn rice or chilli cheese fries.
C Ring Road, Al Sadd, opposite Barwa Bank (4455 2666).

Sushi Minto

Best for:
If you’re in the mood for more than just sushi
What to order: Chap chae noodles; spicy pink tuna rolls
Sushi doesn’t exactly make for an affordable takeaway, but at least Sushi Minto is reliable in terms of quality. The sushi always arrives ice-cold and everything always tastes fresh. We’re also impressed by the variety of noodle soups, donburi (rice bowls) and stir-fried noodles. The best-selling chap chae noodles are particularly moreish with their smoky-sweet flavour. In fact, when it comes to variety, Sushi Minto might be one of the best sushi spots around, also catering to a Western palette with salads such as goat's cheese or Mediterranean, simple grilled meats like beef rib-eye or chicken skewers and even pasta dishes including penne arabiatta.
Al Muthanna Complex (4467 5577) and City Centre Mall (4038 3240).

Best for: Posh fast food
What to order: A double with extra cheese; chilli cheese fries
There’s something appealing about plain and simple burger joints. As the name would suggest, these burgers (which aren’t small to begin with) go all the way up to size XXXL. Each already comes with all the classic toppings (lettuce, mayo, mustard, tomato, pickles, relish and onions), but you can also opt to add cheddar or Swiss cheese, chilli, beef bacon, egg or jalapeños.
Turkey, chicken and veggie burger options are also available, as is that faux-healthy lettuce wrap version of a burger that all the kids are eating these days. If you really must get the lettuce wrap, at least balance it out with one of the creamy ice-cream milkshakes. Try the Maui-banana or cookies and ice-cream.
Gulf Mall, Al Gharaffa (4472 6942) & Medina Centrale, The Pearl-Qatar (4029 9999).

Saravanaa Bhavan

Best for:
South Indian and vegetarian food
What to order: Masala dosa; palak paneer; hot idly
It’s easy to see why global chain Saravanaa Bhavan is so popular. The vegetarian menu is long and covers North Indian food and Chinese dishes, but South Indian food is what they do best. The dosas are huge, perfectly crisp and served with sambar and creamy coconut chutney. There are more than ten varieties on the menu including the popular masala dosa stuffed with heaps of fragrantly spiced potato, as well as one stuffed with paneer and another with cauliflower masala. Alternatively, go for the light and fluffy idly (also served with chutney and sambar) plus pretty much anything with paneer in it (we recommend the creamy spinach palak paneer).
Three locations including: Abu Hamour (4469 1777); Muaither (4414 5777); Old Ghanem (4443 7776).

Three Peppers
Best for: Adventurous Chinese
What to order: Steamed dumplings; pan-fried dumplings; chilli chicken; spicy mapo tofu
Chinese is a tricky takeaway to get right. There’s rarely anything to differentiate one from another, and every menu seems to be the same run of cashew chicken, sweet and sour-something and kung pao noodles. Three Peppers goes beyond this, though, embracing, for example, fish ball soup and Chinese cabbage soup and mains like tofu with soya bean sauce and chilli, plus a wide range of stir-fried vegetables from snow peas and lettuce to eggplant with garlic or celery with cashews. The more carnivorous are equally catered for with pulled lamb dishes, spicy barbecue lamb chops and roasted ribs.
The more daring might be intrigued by the chilli ox tongue with sour cabbage, while fans of old-school Chinese takeout favourites will still find staples like chilli chicken and orange chicken, a huge seafood section and far more besides. Dumplings here have made quite a name for themselves, and are an absolute must with any order.
Old Airport Road (6649 2626).

Falafel land
Best for:
An easy, affordable and filling meal
What to order: Tzatziki pita wrap; chunky chickpea pita wrap; chickpea salad
A takeaway that does what it says on the tin: falafel every which way in sandwiches, wraps and salad. This is an easy, quick, and fairly cheap lunchtime go-to with options such as the chunky chickpea in a pita pocket with parsley, mint and pickles, or the Greek-inspired tzatziki sandwich with cucumber, tomato, rocca and yoghurt. There’s everything from fajita-style wraps to cheesy pita pockets and spicy jalapeño – not to mention the fact that you can get a whole meal (including a sandwich, fries and a coke) for less than QR25.
Three locations including: Al Aziziyah (4444 2829); Mesaimeer (4444 2819); Al Duhail (4444 2839).

German Doner Kebab

Best for: "Proper kebab" cravings
What to order: Durum doner sandwich with everything
Other than originating in Germany, there's actually nothing German about this Turkish takeaway. Shawarmas and shish taouk is all very well and good, but if what you're craving is a good, old-fashioned, greasy doner kebab, this is your place. The meat is about as high quality as it's possible for doner meat to be, and the sandwiches are genuinely huge – stuffed full of lettuce, tomato, onion, red cabbage and three sauces (spicy, yoghurt and garlic).
The Pearl-Qatar (4464 1179).

Baid O Tomat
Best for: Breakfast wraps
What to order: Baid O Tomat (egg, tomato, green chilli, onion and spices on Iranian bread); Baid O Spinach (egg, spinach, onion, spices).
This place specialises in breakfast egg wraps on Iranian bread with all manner of fillings from tomato with green chilli and spices to cream cheese or cheddar. The afternoon menu is a varied list of gourmet sandwiches and burgers including chicken liver, shrimp and vegetable varieties plus locally-inspired khaleeji beef and chicken burgers. Breakfast wraps are cheap – coming in below QR20 – but some of the other sandwiches are pricier, going up to the QR40 mark. That said, what’s on offer is by no means small and sandwiches come crammed with filling. The spicy, moreish potato cubes and shrimp popcorn are also worth ordering with extra sauce (of which there are six Arabic flavours). Try the Arabi sauce made with tahini, yoghurt, garlic, chilli and coriander.
Qatar Petrol Station, Doha Expressway, Markhiya, Duhail (5000 1220).

Diet Delights
Best for:
Watching your weight
What to order: Beef fajita sandwich; crab club sandwhich; mango chicken salad; chocolate tart
Diet Delights does two things: there's a regular delivery menu that you can use to order lunch or dinner, and a meal plan that you can sign up for which includes up to three meals a day. You can also order an lunch box plan which will deliver a healthy balanced lunch to your office every single day.
Think it's all quinoa salads and carrot sticks? The menu is surprisingly varied for a low-calorie diet and includes dishes like chicken biryani, shish taouk, beef fajita sandwhiches, pasta and more. There are even afternoon snacks like chocolate tarts and vanilla pudding. With an ethos of moderation rather than depravation, Diet Delights is ideal if you're trying to lose weight, but don't want to totally give up all the food you love.
Open Sat-Thu 9am-5pm. Al Nuaija Street, Al Hilal, (4016 1777).


Best for: Serious spice
What to order: A meal platter with spicy rice and toasted pita
This worldwide sensation needs little introduction. Let’s face it, sometimes, after a long day at work, a consistent, reliable, familiar takeaway is what you’re after. In which case, order yourself some good old peri-peri sustenance. Chicken wraps, burgers and platters abound, marinated in sauce ranging from lemon and herb, to mild, to spicy – or, if you really want to shake things up, the extra hot sauce. And no Nando’s meal is complete without a portion of spicy rice.
Seven locations including: Gulf Mall, Bin Omran, Salwa Road, The Pearl, Financal Square, City Centre, Hyatt Plaza, (4436 0606).

Tandoor Express
Best for:
Classic curry and naan
What to order: Butter chicken; dahl makhani; butter naan; aloo-stuffed paratha; banana mint lassi
A lot of the food from this popular Indian takeaway can be hit and miss, but stick to a classic curry, rice and naan and you're in for a fragrant, filling meal. Chicken tikka masala and dahl makhani are both tasty and not as oily as other options, while the aloo (potato)-stuffed paratha is a deliciously spiced. If you're one of those people who always ends up ordering the butter chicken, you'll be pleased to know that Tandoor Express' is pretty standout. Eat it with butter naan and a banana mint lassi. You'll consume roughly a year's worth of fat, but it will be worth it.
Five locations including: Al Hilal and City Centre Doha (4488 1183).

Gerry’s Grill
Best for: Trying Fillipino food
What to order: Coco fish fingers; pinaputok na cream dory
Doha is the perfect place to try Fillipino food (that doesn't require a seven-hour flight). Gerry's Grill is a well-known chain that comes from the Phillipines and serves a good variety of the country's most common dishes, many of which have a lot of similarities to Westernised Chinese food. Pancit, for example, is a stir-fried noodle dish similar to chow mein and lots of the meat and seafood is cooked in combinations of soy sauce, vinegar, garlic and lots of salt. Gerry's is on the cheaper end of the scale, so some of the dishes can be hit and miss. The quality of meat, for example, can be quite fatty so we'd recommend sticking to the seafood. It's the restaurant's speciality and there's everything from baked tahong (mussels baked with cheese) to grilled fish or squid and pinaputok na cream dory – dory cooked in a banana leaf with tomatoes, peppers and onion.
Al Nasr (4443 8323).


Best for: Fried chicken
What to order: Fried chicken; kare kare; Lumpiang Shanghai; beef bicol express
Another restaurant hailing from the Philipines, Max's is one of the best places in the city to try Filipino food. The Kare Kare – a peanut-based curry made with oxtail and tripe – is particularly authentic, but if you're feeling less adventurous, Max's is known for its golden, crispy Pinoy fried chicken. If you like your curry spicy go for the beef bicol express: meaty beef ribs are cooked in creamy coconut milk and chilli.
Al Difaaf Street, Al Sadd (4444 6297).

Wafi gourmet
Best for: Treating yourself
What to order: A meal platter with spicy rice and toasted pita
Wafi Gourmet looks like more of a delicatassen than takeaway, so it's not surpising that it might not spring to mind when ordering in. But this mall-based eatery delivers excellent Lebanese food – particularly the hot and cold mezze and salads. It's a pricier option. The manakeesh, though doughy and delicious, comes in between QR19-25 and a shawarma plate will cost you almost QR50. But if you're in the mood for a takeaway that's less, well, takeaway, and more "proper dinner", this is your best bet. Plus there's an excellent selection of Arabic desserts to choose from including kunafa, halawet el jebn, mulhalabiya, baklava and more.
Landmark Mall, Al Gharaffa (4477 4020).

Lord of the wings
Best for: Comfort food
What to order: Anything with buffalo sauce; poutine burger
Buffalo sauce makes everything taste good, and at Lord of the Wings they appear to agree. A crispy buffalo sandwich, a firecracker burger smothered in the stuff, breaded buffalo shrimp and, of course, buffalo wings, all feature on the menu of American-Canadian classics. There's a build-your-own burger option (unfortunately without buffalo sauce, but there is sriracha or jalapeños which more or less makes up for it), plus a selection of flatbreads and regular burgers. But we'd suggest ordering the poutine burger which is pretty much a chip-butty crossed with chips and gravy crossed with a burger. Brilliant.
The Pearl-Qatar (4417 4366).

Al Kababji
Best for: The obvious... kebabs
What to order: A meal platter with spicy rice and toasted pita
If any takeaway does what it says on the tin, it's this one. We didn't think it was possible to be spoilt for kebab choice, but we don't think we've ever seen so many different varieties of kebab and grilled meat in one place. From chicken, to lamb, to veal to even pistachio or eggplant kebabs, this place is a meat-lover's dream. There are raw kibbeh platters, too, as well as salads and hot and cold mezze. A decent option for a meat-heavy Lebanese meal.
Six locations including Al Rayyan (4411 2020); Al Nasr (4416 7306); Old Airport (4017 9727); Markhiya (4472 8281); Salwa Road (44583949).

Best for: Restaurant-standard food, at home
What to order: Katsu curry; chilli chicken ramen
Wagamama needs little introduction – the huge global chain is famous for its Japanese curries and noodle soups. It's no wonder – meals are fresh, tasty, consistently good and filling. Katsu curry is perhaps its most well-known dish, and the yasai katsu curry (made with deep-fried veggies like eggplant instead of meat) is arguably even better than the chicken version. Ramen bowls are huge and include more varieties than you usually find on a Japanese menu in Doha, including coconut seafood broth. The only downside to this are the high prices. This isn't a particularly bargainous takeaway, but it is restaurant-quality food brought to your door, and sometimes that's worth a few extra riyals.
Beside Al Meera, Ras Abu Abboud Street, Umm Ghuwailina (4443 7846).

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