Sanjeev Kapoor in Doha

Decorated Indian chef Sanjeev Kapoor on his new Doha restaurant

Sanjeev Kapoor in Doha

There’s a new place in town with Sanjeev Kapoor’s name on it. We interviewed the celebrity Indian chef about the restaurant, which certainly stamps his signature.

Tell us about your new restaurant in the city?
It is called Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor and is located in the Meliá hotel. Signature, as the name suggests, not only stamps its authority on the recipes but also on the concepts that are served. The food is art on a plate. We try to give you a complete dining experience – it’s a contemporary take on authentic Indian food.

What’s your favourite Indian meal?
My favourite Indian meal is kadhi chawal, especially the pakorewali kadhi that my mother makes. If not that, then a close second is rajma chawal.

Is this what you would cook at home?
When I cook at home, it is on special request, mostly made by my daughters, so the menu is totally dependent on what they want to eat!

Will you be making regular visits to Doha?
The Middle East is like my second home. I have restaurants and many friends and acquaintances in the region and I love the place! So I am constantly visiting and I will definitely make it a point to be there any time the team needs me.

How many restaurants do you currently have your name to?
54 operational and 20 more that are to open by end of the year, under various brands.

Describe a typical day for you…
A typical day revolves around work. Thankfully, for me, each day at work is filled with a new itinerary, new experiences and new people – all bound by food. When I am not working I unwind with music. I love playing the drums.

Do you cook as much now as you would like to?
Not as much, but I do jump at any opportunity I get to whip up something exciting in the kitchen. For me cooking is therapeutic.

Which is your favourite IPL cricket team and favourite player?
Well, that changes with every season…

How can a young chef be the next Sanjeev Kapoor?
I don’t know about being the next Sanjeev Kapoor, but I would want the next generation to be better than me and reach a higher plane. I have full faith and confidence that they will. There is a lot of talent in India especially.

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