Doha's best 24-hour restaurants

20 spots that will satisfy all your late night food cravings

Doha's best 24-hour restaurants

Whether you want breakfast as early as 5am or dinner as late as 3am, we won't judge. We will only equip you with this list of the restaurants you can turn to at any time of the day, or night.

Al Serdal

This popular Syrian café has a delicious selection of mezzes, grilled meats, seafood and sandwiches. The club sandwich is always a reliable choice here.
Al Salata (4441 1233).


Not everyone can stomach a camel biryani at 3am but for those who can, Anjappar is open and serving plenty of other Chettinad specialities, too.
Msheireb (4435 3711).

Baba Chapatea

The parathas are priced at an average of QR5 and the must-try ones are egg and cheese, cheese and chips, chicken chili and keema. Extra points for the karak here; avoid the coffees.
Various locations including Old Airport (4479 3845).

Bombay chowpatty

It is a bit odd to eat Indian street food late at night, but we can’t deny it is addictive. There is a massive variety of street food right from chola batura and dahi batata puri to dhoklas and pav bhaji. You don’t have to understand what they mean, you just have to take a leap of faith and order a piping hot pav bhaji at 3am. Thank us later.
Old Airport area (4462 2100).

Chapati & Karak

A QR2 chapati and QR3 karak sounds like just what we want to feature on our late night snacking wishlist. The menu is basic with chapattis, all the popular teas and a karak shake if you are into that.
Hikma Street, Katara Cultural Village (4408 1408).

Diet House

Late night cravings can include a salad, too. And although that will never be us, we won’t judge if you do feel like less than 100 calories post 2am. Diet House in Bin Omran is open 24 hours and the sandwiches, snacks, pastas and everything else on the menu is healthy.
Bin Omran (4444 4911).

Eli France Café

This place isn’t exactly budget-friendly but you will appreciate the vast selection of items on the menu. They have everything! Breakfasts, crêpes, snacks, sandwiches… you name it. Eli France may be exactly what you need if you are the kind of person who has no clue what you want, and want to be inspired by a really long, frankly confusing menu.
Near Mitsubishi showroom, Salwa Road (4435 7111).

Fabio’s Pizza

Pizza nights can go on for a long time, especially if you’ve got a bunch of movies to catch up on. What happens if you run out? You order more, of course. Call up Fabio’s and go crazy. Late night or not, we absolutely love these pizzas.
Al Aziziyah (4416 5641).

Grand Joud

There is some really good Arabic food served here and you can find some of the best and most authentic mansaf in town. The mezzes and grills are consistently good as well.
The Centre, Salwa Road (4442 9944).

Falafel Al Akawi

Foodies claim this is the best falafel in Doha. You can find a few other things on the menu but we always go with a spicy falafel sandwich and we’re never disappointed.
Fereej Bin Mahmoud (4465 0660).

Jabal Lebnan

The spicy chicken shawarma is one of the best in Doha and no matter what time you go, it always tastes consistent. Expect good grills and possibly the best kashkawan fatayer in Doha.
Al Nasr (4442 1704).

Jar Al Qamr

One thing springs to mind immediately when we hear Jar Al Qamr – the French coffee. It’s not the kind you are thinking, and we are not sure why they call this coffee French, but it tastes fantastic. There’s a decent selection of grills, too.
Al Sadd (4427 7770).

Karak Mqanes

Some of their outlets are takeaway only, but the quality that comes out of this tiny place is surprising. They do excellent breakfasts – varieties of eggs (including eggs benedict), traditional items like shakshouka and foul, international dishes like croque monsieur, keema, pancakes, waffles, and chicken sausages. You can even do a simple cheese chapati with karak. Whether you are a late bird or not, this place should be on your must-try list.
Various locations including Muaither and Barzan Souq (3383 6333).

La Boca

Almost every item on the menu here tastes good, especially the appetisers. The beef empanadas and avocado hummus are delicious. The later you go, the lesser you’ll find available, but they can always whip up a pizza (or three) at any time.
Souq Waqif (6664 7059).

Mutabbaq and Saj

There are lots of options but we love the chicken and cheese version, and the plain cheese, of course. The Nutella saj is delicious.
Various locations including Abu Hamour (4466 4800).

Poori & Karak

You might think that poori (deep-fried chapatti) and karak is all you get here, but this late night spot also has chicken popcorn, chicken wings, sandwiches and lots of other deep-fried junk, which is exactly what we usually crave into the wee hours of the night.
Al Gharaffa (44430066).

Sandwich Factory

This spot is Gate Mall is easily one of our favourites for its wide variety of delicious dishes that you’ll get throughout the day. Some of the items even have health alternatives, such as upgrading to spelt or multigrain dough.
The Gate Mall (4020 6500).

Steak & Bake

If your midnight cravings usually include a medium rare steak, you’ll be massively disappointed if you go to Steak & Bake. You’ll still get a fillet of beef or chicken in mushroom sauce though. There are reasonably priced soups, salads, pizzas and pastas, too.
Al Jazeera Petrol Station, Salwa Road (4444 6004).

Tea Time

There is a huge selection of sandwiches that are reasonably priced and are exactly what you crave at 3am. From cafeteria-style sandwiches to more junk cafeteria-style sandwiches and a few good desserts, you’ll find everything you need to satisfy late night food needs.
All outlets.

Zaatar W Zeit

Our love for Zaatar w Zeit is no secret. If only we had a riyal for every veggie pizza with oat dough we’ve eaten late night (and frankly, at all other times of the day, too), we’d be very rich. There’s some really tasty manakeesh to try here along with plenty of other options that you’ll appreciate at any time of the day.
Souq Waqif (4431 5224).

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