Ten cheap places to eat at The Pearl-Qatar

You don’t have to break the bank to have a good meal in Doha

Ten cheap places to eat at The Pearl-Qatar

Aryaas Express
The branch in Qanat Quartier serves non vegetarian meals, too, so if you’re ever craving a budget meal, you know where to go. The food is predominantly South Indian, but you’ll find a mix of other regions as well. We love the dosas and chaat items here and you’ll never have to shell out more than QR20 to QR30 for a really filling meal.
Qanat Quartier (4477 1596).

Ginger Club
When we think of Ginger Club, we immediately think of the crispy beef here. You can also get maki rolls for as low as QR30. The Chinese appetisers are priced at around QR20 while the mains cost between QR30 and goes up to QR60 for seafood items. A meal for two people won’t cost more than QR100, which is just perfect during weekdays.
Qanat Quartier (4417 7880).

While paying QR10 for a cup of karak can’t really be considered budget, the price for a tea and chapatti will be less than QR50 which is far less than what you’d pay in most other cafés at The Pearl. Karaki is in a nice location, too, and it’s good for sitting outdoors and people watching.
Medina Centrale (4437 8477).

Karak Mqanes
This Porto Arabia diner does some really good local dishes for very reasonable prices. The breakfast items are all below QR20 and the sandwiches cost QR10 on average. There’s a big selection of desserts such as saffron cakes and pancakes with lotus or Nutella and these cost approximately QR15. Such great prices for The Pearl, we think.
Porto Arabia (3394 9898).

Monoprix is more of a hypermarket but there’s an entire hot food section, a salad counter and even a café where you can get some coffee and sandwiches or pastries. The hot food is charged by the gram but you can find items like pastas and lasagnes that cost anything from QR15 to QR40 per portion. Plus, these sections are right next to the fruits and vegetables and fresh fruits are always an option.
Medina Centrale (4407 3600).

Pause Café
This food truck is located behind WOQOD and does some of our favourite snacks in the area – cheese chapatti with Oman chips. The rolls cost around QR6 and are completely worth it. The chapatti itself is thinner than what you’d find in other similar places, but we’re not complaining because we can fill ourselves with QR12 in The Pearl.
Behind Woqod (3339 8336).

Sidra at the WOQOD petrol pump is ideal for snacks to go. There are sandwiches for as low as QR6, quiches, fatayers, puffs and other items. You’ll also find a selection of hot beverages and everything else that you’d need from a small supermarket including a massive range of drinks and ice creams.
WOQOD (4021 8616).

Get a tasty six inch sub for QR20 and don’t forget to add our favourite cookies in the world for QR3 only. If you pay QR10, you get three cookies.
Medina Centrale (4444 4043).

The Hub Café
This supermarket clubbed with a co-working space is perfect to grab a cup of coffee and get some work done on your laptop. There are fresh salads, sandwiches and lots of hot beverages to order. You can spend all day here and you won’t have to dish out an arm.
Porto Arabia (5000 4230).

Zaatar W Zeit
You’re going to thank us for our incredible discovery. This spot serves pizzas on a crust made from oat dough (which you have to specifically request and pay slightly extra for) and it tastes brilliant. The regular pizzas cost roughly QR30 which is very reasonable and the smaller plates can go as low as QR15. Try the speciality wraps or just pick something from the special low calorie menu.
Medina Centrale (4482 0213).

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