Why Saturday is the best day for Doha foodies

Sleep in, have a late lunch and wind up early

Why Saturday is the best day for Doha foodies

Saturday is the new Friday and we’re just about to prove it’s true. There are some incredible dining choices from late lunches to early dinners and we’ve covered all of them in three awesome options right here.

Saturday brunches
Let’s be honest – brunch is the biggest deal for expats in Doha. And if we’re being completely truthful, we just don’t want to wake up before 11am on Fridays anymore. Enter Saturday brunches and our lives are sorted. We’ve had enough sleep and we have all the energy for an epic Saturday afternoon. We still don’t have as many options as we do on Fridays, but we’re slowly getting there and for now, we’re very pleased with this list of the best Saturday brunches.

Saturday roasts
Is brunch too much of an effort (you do have to dress up) for you? We understand. Saturdays are for lazing around and having long, lazy, comfort lunches. And what’s more comforting than a traditional British roast? Your grandma may not have cooked it for you, but we’ve found three spots that come pretty close.

Saturday dinners
Of course, if you’ve spent the entire day running errands and had to willingly skip all the above options, there’s always the chance to have an early dinner and end your weekend in style. Luckily, we’ve found a few good deals for the early birds. No need to thank us.

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