Socialise, learn, work or relax at brand-new multi-purpose club

Drink coffee, get your hair cut and make pals at The Dromedary Club

Socialise, learn, work or relax at brand-new multi-purpose club
Socialise, learn, work or relax at brand-new multi-purpose club Image #2
Socialise, learn, work or relax at brand-new multi-purpose club Image #3

Have you ever felt like crafting your own leather carry-on while having a cup of your favourite hot brew? Probably not, but somebody did, and that led to the creation of Qatar’s very first community hub offering leather-making classes and haircuts in a café.

The Dromedary Club started out as a leather crafting company and now offers a wide range of activities, learning workshops and spaces for groups and clubs to meet and socialise. Inside the club, you’ll find a coffee shop and roaster, a barber shop, game space, leather workspace and a showroom.

The chairs are comfy, the wifi is great, there are power points at every table and there’s an air-conditioned smoking area. There’s something for everyone, including for those who can’t live without their pets. Every Saturday, you can bring your furry family members along anytime from 8am until 5pm. Sponsored by QAWS, Hakuna Matata, Dog Bakery and Funtastic, there are LEGO education for children, board games and furry treats.

On Sundays, barbers offer classes on hair and beard care and participants can take home care products. Baristas conduct workshops on coffee and the art of making different drinks on Mondays. There are gaming tournaments in a custom gaming space, run by Geeks & Gamers.

The leather craftspeople teach leather crafting on Tuesdays and Shade Artisan Roasters (the coffee partner) teaches different parts and processes of coffee roasting. Participants can leave with freshly roasted speciality coffee beans on Wednesdays.

Thursdays feature different speakers and activities and Friday is Biker Day. All the biker clubs, groups and individual riders can join the special breakfast. Additionally, various book clubs meet during the week. English language classes, community groups and other social gatherings are also usually present.

Located at the C Ring and Salwa Road junction, the club has free valet parking every night from 5pm and in case you’re attending a workshop or event, there’s a free shuttle service from the nearby Toys R Us.

The Dromedary Club is the whole package. Go here every single day of the week and you can still have a new experience. Precisely why we love this spot.
Open daily 5pm-midnight. The Dromedary Club, Fereej Bin Mahmoud, C Ring Road (7470 5000).

A club that serves coffee along with other non-related activities

Because you can’t get a haircut after making your own leather pouch anywhere else in Doha

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