Megu has a brand-new menu

The prices are lower and the dishes are tastier at this top Japanese spot

Megu has a brand-new menu
Megu has a brand-new menu Image #2
Megu has a brand-new menu Image #3

The first thought that comes to mind when we hear the word Megu is the crispy asparagus. And why wouldn’t it? The crunchy sticks are something of a mascot for the brand. Tall green spears of asparagus are lightly fried in a batter of crushed rice crackers and pierced through skewers jutting out of a cool-looking brick.

What if we tell you there’s so much more to the menu ever since Megu revamped the gastronomic offering? A few rolls have been thrown in, a couple of desserts have been pulled out and the best part is a lot of the items have newer, more affordable prices.

A range of scrumptious maki rolls where microgreens are the star have been introduced along with a salmon salad that can bring the trophy home. It’s incredibly light, colourful and flavourful thanks to the avocados, cucumber and mangoes thrown in.

Our other favourite new item on the menu and an absolute must-try is the asparagus and edamame soup. This unique tasting soup has all the elements of a real crowd-pleaser and we promise you’ll relish every single sip. From the mains, a satisfying sea bass that’s adorned with tiny chopped bits of different coloured peppers and olives – a truly winning combination – has been added to the menu. If you really want to go for something that’s big on taste and presentation, the chan-chan seafood skillet is as tasty as it is burning hot. Word of advice – do not touch the skillet, or the base.

On a slightly sadder note, all of the green tea desserts have vanished from the menu. “We absolutely love desserts made from green tea,” said no one ever. Megu is introducing a whole new variety here and you’ll have to watch this space to find out more.

There’s more exciting news – a four-course business lunch for QR65 (yes, rolls are included in the choices, too) and a Tuesday dinner for just QR100 are available. Megu has never been this affordable and we urge you to get booking and try the brilliant new dishes.
Porto Arabia, The Pearl-Qatar  (4409 5237).

A fine-dining Japanese restaurant with beautiful Pearl views

There’s a new menu and this time the prices are much lower

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