Best music apps

Soundcloud, Spotify, Cymbal, Apple Music, and more music apps

Best music apps

These days, there’s no excuse for not keeping up to speed with the latest sounds, or enduring a boring, silent trudge to work. Apps such as Apple Music and Spotify allow you to have massive music libraries at your fingertips, while Soundcloud gives you
access to bands you’ve probably never heard before. With so many deserving of your ears, we’ve rounded up five free ones that are definitely worth downloading.

Best for discovering new artists: Soundcloud
Upload original songs and discover emerging artists with this app. You can link your Amazon and Google Play accounts to get greater access to a wider assortment of songs. You get podcasts and audio shows, too.
Available on Android and iOS.

Most streamlined library: Apple Music
Let’s be real, we all lead messy digital lives: our music is scattered across laptops, phones and the mysterious cloud. Instead of running away from the disarray, streamline data with the Apple Music app, combining iTunes libraries with imported tracks and songs bought from Apple Music.
Available on Android and iOS.

Best for Social Sharing: Cymbal
Cymbal is the Instagram of the music app world. Follow an artist, celebrity or your most in-the-know friend and double-tap the heart icon to like, comment or add a hashtag to their posted tracks. You can even search out people with matching tastes.
Available on iOS.

Most Creative Playlists: Spotify
If you don’t feel like sifting through Spotify’s 30 million on-demand songs, just pick a playlist mood (Afternoon Acoustic, All The Feels, Confidence Boost) and tune in to a curated collection of tracks from 1,300 genres.
Available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Best for Offline: Google Play
Tech heavyweight Google launched this one so that you can continue to jam out to your saved songs when you go off the grid, far from internet service. And there’s no need to sync – your playlists update instantly across all your devices.
Available on Android and iOS.

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