Hamad Al-Amari comedy interview

Funny man talks about his involvement at the Summer Festival

Hamad Al-Amari comedy interview

Tell us about your comedy...
I don’t have a particular brand of comedy. My material is composed of personal experiences and observations of daily life and my memories.

How do you become a successful comedian?
A lot of it is about how much effort and time you put into it. I’ve been putting a lot more work into my material since I started performing and that’s where I feel I’m learning new things.

What will you be doing at the Summer Festival?
I will be the host of The Doha Comedy Day, which means I get to take a break between comedians. What’s better is I get to share a stage with the best regional comedians.

What’s your best joke?
I honestly don’t know. Sometimes I think a routine will get big laughs but it gets nothing. My microwave joke seems to always get a good response for reasons I don’t understand.

Your best ever gig and why?
My best gig was the 25 minutes I did in the broadcast break of the FIFA World Cup in 2014. France had lost to Germany and Brazil was about to play Colombia so the house was packed with those fans. I knew the place wasn’t set up for comedy (because of all the football fans!) but I did my routine and got a standing ovation – I’ll never forget it!

How do you cater for so many different nationalities in your comedy?
That’s why Qatar is so testing as a comedian. The audience is diverse, but I’m always up for a challenge. I peek at the audience before I go on to understand what the room feels like. Sometimes I get it wrong but it won’t stop me.

What’s your favourite accent to imitate?
Depends on the flavour of the month. I enjoy the Liverpudlian accent, “eeeeem, it’s great to be from Liverpooool.”

Do you own a Land Cruiser yourself?
Yes! Of course. I’m #TheQatariGuy

How many pairs on sunglasses do you own?
Ok. First of all, how do you know about my obsession? WHO HAVE YOU BEEN TALKING TO?! I over 11 pairs of sunglasses.

What are your plans for the future?
My future plans always include comedy – it’s who I am. In the next couple of years I will turn my attention to the scribblings I have done recently and hope one day they turn into a book or my first short film.
Hamad Al-Amari will be performing at the QNCC as part of the Doha Comedy Day on August 29. QNCC, Education City (4470 7000).

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