DJ Santiago's 10 DJ tips

Grand Hyatt resident DJ, gives us 10 DJ tips to lift the dancefloor

DJ Santiago's 10 DJ tips

Here a little intro about DJ Santiago: with more than 20 years of industry experience, Santiago has reached a level of mastery with sound to create environments that keenly incorporate elements of different musical genres. While playing in the best clubs in Argentina, he was invited to perform in Radios and in exclusive and demanding events for up to 1,000 people.

His professionalism and innovative approach also helped him to launch his own vanguard music parties and to be a finalist in several DJ world competitions. Journeys to North America and Europe, attending different festivals, events and workshops further opened Santiago’s mind to new experiences and to a wider range of styles. On top of his responsibilities at Grand Hyatt as a resident DJ, Santiago also concentrates on producing electronic music tracks. So here is his insight, with all his experience, on how to get the party started!

‘Place, crowd, guest mood and environment will alter and change any event. Preparation, anticipation and adaptation are keys to success. Here are my tips to be prepared…’

1 Understand your crowd
‘An experienced DJ will sense and feel the crowd music style in a few minutes. For me, it is important to adapt to their expectations while always innovating and mastering music arrangements with style.’

2 Set and manage your time
‘Any DJ set will have “moments.” Those musical moments are created by the DJ while responding to the crowd behaviour. Manage your time and music tempo alterations based on the exact time you are given for the event.’

3 Prepare your music
‘Having all of your music categorised into sub folders of genres, BPM, ratings etc., will help you to adapt in any situation. Stay organised!’

4 Practice
‘A lot of practice work will be necessary before an event. Spend time before a party to know what you will play and how you will mix. Try and experiment mixing several groups of songs and find your own style.’

5 Anticipate and run checks
‘Once you arrive, you will need to run a thorough sound check. This will alert you to any problem and give you time to fix them before they affect the sound of your set.’

6 Set your DJ Booth
‘Make sure all the equipment you need is there and the DJ desk is at a comfortable level before you start playing.’

7 Connect with your audience
‘Once you start playing music, read the crowd, study them, and take control of them with your music. It’s important to connect with your audience as much as they will connect with you.’

8 Take risks and innovate
‘Even though your audience might not know a new song or style, it is always interesting to mix genres. You will then receive direct feedback from your crowd. This is the only way that you can keep things fresh.’

9 Classics
‘Classics are always welcome. Find your own classic tracks that will please your audience but always remember to add your trademark to the mix and style!’

10 Be yourself
‘Just be you, don’t be anyone else. Your audience will appreciate it if you are available, truly enjoying the party as much as they are and sharing the moments with them.’

DJ Santiago

DJ Santiago plays every Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday at Dunes Bar at the Grand Hyatt. He also plays during brunch at The Grill and at other special events. You can follow him on Facebook:

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