How to be a Doha DJ

Tobias Sabido explains what you need to become a disc jockey

How to be a Doha DJ

Here’s a little about myself: I was surrounded by music my whole childhood. I would watch my father DJ-ing in the 80s and that grew my interest in music. When I was a teenager I was listening to late night dance radio shows from abroad where they played all the songs from world famous DJs/producers, gaining an eclectic mix of music knowledge.

Professionally I became a DJ at the age of 19, when I moved to another city with a bigger club scene for my university studies, and of course there were more events going on. So I had caught the opportunity and started to play at student parties and some smaller clubs.

Since my beginnings my music style has changed – from underground sound to commercial – but today I play mainly dance and house.

I have been in Doha for almost one year and I returned to W Doha after Ramadan this year to be the resident DJ for Crystal again. Enough about me. Here are my nine points to help YOU get into Dj-ing.

1 Music LOVER
Without passion for music it would not be possible. Music has to be part of your life and has to be inside you. It must be in your blood.

2 Technical skills
Every DJ needs to have basic technical skills and knowledge about DJ equipment used on stage. This is even more important nowadays when technical progress is so fast. And every day there is something new coming out. You must keep on top of it all.

3 Music mixing skills
There are basic rules how to mix tracks and you need to find your own way of mixing because every DJ has his or her style. It is up to you if you prefer scratching, live remixing or other effects because there are endless possibilities of how to be special.

4 Be able to read the crowd
Every gig, different crowd. You need to be prepared to read what they like and then follow their taste of music. It also means that sometimes you will need to improvise to satisfy them.

5 Nightlife
Are you ready to party all night long? It’s not easy not to sleep during nights and to be listening to loud music on a daily basis. Your routine will change and you have to adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

6 Fun
We entertain people. You have to enjoy it and have fun no matter what. Even when you think you are not in the mood, believe me you will find yourself with your hands up after the second track. Music is a healer and you can do magic with it.

7 Trendy/up to date
There is loads of music being released every day. It’s necessary to know what’s going on in the music industry; which sound is IN and what is OUT.

8 Multi-medias
Today, competition is very high – that’s why you need to work on your PR. Social networks like Facebook or Twitter keep your fans updated and adversely you have instant contact with other DJs/music producers and booking agents.

9 Traveller
Once booking agents or clubs start to invite you to play for their events you will travel a lot. So start packing and make sure you enjoy it and follow my tips. Good luck.

DJ Tobias Sabido

DJ Tobias is the resident DJ of Crystal in the W Doha Hotel & Residences. Depending on the schedule of the club, you can hear him DJ every Wednesday and also with guest DJs on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Follow him on his website and social medias. Website:; Facebook:; Twitter:; Sound Cloud: soundcloud/tobiassabido.

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