Brazilian music in Qatar

Meet the trio bringing that Latino vibe alive

Brazilian music in Qatar

Speaking with Ipanema’s Brazuqa trio who all hail from Natal City in northeast Brazil.

What’s your hometown best known for?
Rafael Melo:
Many touristic places like Cidade do Sol, the Sun Bride and beaches.
Egberto Trigueiro: A wonderful shore line.
Dani Lucas: Its quality of music and many, many beaches.

How did you end up in Doha?
All three:
Through friends

What kinds of music do you play?
We play all kind of music, no restrictions.
DL: We play a lot of bossa nova, samba, forro, MPB [Brazilian popular music], jazz, blues and international pop rock.

How did you become a musician?
I was inspired by my parents who are musicians as well.
ET: I was mainly influenced by my family and musicians friends, and I believe that I have the talent for it.
DL: I started my career as a musician at the age of 18. I was mainly influenced by my parents who are musicians as well, and by many musician friends. I have been a [professional] for 15 years now.

What’s your favourite type of music?
Brazilian music and instrumental music, due to richness in melody and rhythm.
ET: Brazilian music due to its diversity.
DL: I like jazz, blues, samba, classic rock, and classic music, due to the mixes of generations and the different sound and styles of the music itself.

What is the music scene like in Brazil?
It is full of great productions and great musicians that often play worldwide.

Where do you all like to go to get a taste of home in Doha?
We usually go to the Souq Waqif because of the ambience and the feel.
DL: We like to go to Capoeira events spread out in Doha, but Ipanema is a great place as well, with its great food and friendly staff, which is what Brazil is all about.
Brazuqa plays at Ipanema Mon-Sat, 7.15pm-11pm. Renaissance Doha (4419 6100).

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