Showtek in the hot seat

Trailblazing Dutch house duo talk ahead of Doha gig

Showtek in the hot seat

We speak to Wouter Janssen of the Dutch electronic dance music duo, which is made up of him and his brother Sjoerd, about their style ahead of a special Doha gig.

How do you describe your style of music?
Groundbreaking music that you will remember. Not music that’s here and gone tomorrow. We are always trying to bring something that lasts. And of course the sound of our music is pretty hard for some people [laughs].

So you’re brothers that work together. How easy or hard is that?
For us it works really good, but we also have a lot of friends with brothers that can’t be in the same room for one hour [laughs]. The thing is that we’re family so that’s always keeping us together, even when we have a fight or something.

How brotherly were you growing up?
The divorce of our parents really made us much closer. Our dad wasn’t around much in our youth and we weren’t that good at school so we locked ourselves in pretty often at our mom’s house to create music.

You’ve been on the DJ scene for around 13 years now. How has it all changed since you first started?
A lot of things changed, as we did too. We started in the hard techno scene – and we continue to produce Hardstyle – where we received big recognition for what we did for that genre. Now we want to aim broader and reach other groups and cultures.

What are you trying to achieve through your musical career?
To become the Timbaland of dance/house music. Our goals in life is to become the greatest producers. The DJ-ing came as we gained success with productions, but really, producing always comes first for us.

Your website states ‘Music is a journey, not a destination’. Where has it taken you so far?
Pretty far! When you’re living your life you’re always evolving. That’s the same with our music. We want to be recognised as great producers that have been ground-breaking and that’s always our intention when we produce and release music. Since we started to create dance music a lot of new doors opened for us.

Let’s say someone in Doha has never heard your music but is preparing to come to your gig. What song(s) should they listen to beforehand to get a feel for what you’re going to do?
Definitely ‘Booyah’ because the message of the track stands on its own. They can also listen to ‘Cannonball en Slow Down’ – another one of our breakthrough tracks that changed our lives.

What’s next for Showtek? What do the next few years have in store for you guys?
Wouter: To oversee a few years is really hard! Let’s start with this year. This summer we’re going to do a lot of shows. I think we’re actually going to do more than last year, and last summer was already killing!
Sjoerd: Musicwise we released ‘BAD’ with David Guetta not that long ago and that one is still going strong in numerous countries. As of now we have a lot of unfinished projects. We planned some studio time this summer to finish some tracks so we hope we accomplish it!

What gig rituals do both you guys have?
Nothing really special actually, but we’re not boring [laughs]. We always need at least ten to 15 minutes to prepare ourselves before we go on stage. In those minutes it’s just important to have some rest and silence around us.
Showtek are performing live from 9pm on June 5 at Club 7, La Cigale, C Ring Road (4428 8888).

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