St Patrick's Day comedy in the GCC

Trio of Irish comics perform at special edition of Punchline Comedy

St Patrick's Day comedy in the GCC
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We’re pleased as punch about a new stand up comedy show themed around St Patrick’s Day.

Heard the one about the Irishman that walks into a bar? Well, soon there will be three Irishmen walking into a bar – well a number of different bars, because the trio are performing a Paddy’s Day comedy show with Punchline Comedy Club across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha. Check the dates at the bottom of the article.

The comedians, Chris Kent, Colum McDonnell and Andrew Stanley, have scheduled five performances for the UAE and Doha in Qatar, between February 27 and March 7. We speak to the funny men about their tour.

Chris Kent

As this is a St Patrick’s Day show, what can UAE audiences expect?

They can expect me telling jokes and stories, while I constantly try to remember what time it is back home. I plan to do my set with a snake draped around my shoulders, while standing in a giant pint of hops… so no, I’ve not prepared anything special really.

What are you looking forward to as you prepare for your Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha shows?
I am actually just really looking forward to doing the gigs, and seeing how the Irish who have left are getting on in the Middle East. I love performing away from home.

Have you ever been to Abu Dhabi?
No. I know there is a Ferrari World. I’d like to visit it and buy a sticker for my Toyota Yaris… which actually belongs to a friend but I don’t mind sharing.

People say there are different types of laughs from audiences. Do you agree?
Yeah, there are loads of laughs. The problem with a really funny or distinctive laugh is that it can be distracting and you know when they don’t find something funny. A bit of diversity makes a good audience I think and a good room can make a great show.

Have you met or worked with the other two acts before?
I have met and worked with the lads loads and they are great craic, I can’t wait to hang out with them and have a laugh.

Where do you get inspiration?
My family – especially my dad. They make me want to share stories and make people laugh.

Andrew Stanley

What concerns did you have about preparing for a show in the Middle East?

I didn’t have too many concerns – except for falling in love with a camel and wanting to elope. Again.

Will this be your first trip to Abu Dhabi?
I was in Abu Dhabi last year for the first time… and am still sunburnt.

Do you have any rituals to cope with pre-show jitters?
I tend to relax right up until the moment I step on stage, in order to build myself up. That and I turn the lights on and off 27 times.

Who are your favourite comedians?
Jason Byrne, Bill Burr, Colum McDonnell and Chris Kent.

Do you prefer being on screen, stage, radio or a podcast?
You can’t beat being on stage – I get a buzz from the immediate response of the crowd; being able to deal with any situation is exciting.

When you do group shows do you talk about your set?
We’ve all worked together before, in Ireland and on tours. We might say what we are doing to make certain we don’t overlap, but aside from that we pretend we have no interest in other people’s jokes when secretly we wish we had written them ourselves.

Colum McDonnell

What’s in store for the UAE audience on your St Patrick’s Day tour?

UAE audiences can expect laughs and plenty of them, I sincerely hope. I’m planning on doing a few St Patrick gags and also a couple of Napoleon ones too, just to play it safe.

Are you excited about coming to Abu Dhabi?
I’ve never been to Abu Dhabi, so I am looking forward to seeing the Grand Mosque, museums and experiencing the culture in general. I’m also looking forward to saying Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha out loud and quickly many, many times.

How do you prepare for a show?
My pre-gig ritual is always the same. I’m very superstitious like that. I get my monkey-butler to slap me in the face repeatedly while screaming, ‘This is it, Colum. Time to get your life together. This is the big time baby!’

Did you always want to be a comedian?
I always dreamt of being a train driver, but colour blindness put an end to that. True story. Then I saw a video of comedian Eddie Izzard and wanted to be on stage.

• Emirates Golf Club on Thursday 27th February
• Abu Dhabi Golf Club on Friday 28th February
• The Hilton Doha on Tuesday 4th March
• Girders Garden at Ocean View Hotel Dubai on Wednesday 5th March
• Sharjah Rugby Club on Friday 7th March
For tickets, visit For information, visit Punchline Middle East on Facebook.

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