Meet new band LoveLight at Dunes

The new duo wowing crowds at the Grand Hyatt’s Dune lounge

Meet new band LoveLight at Dunes

Australian pianist Chass Guthrie and vocalist Natalie Silbert have taken to the stage at Grand Hyatt’s Dune lounge. We caught up with them just as they arrived to talk about their music style and moving to Qatar.

How do you describe LoveLight’s style?
We enjoy performing our own interpretation of songs. We have a great respect for classic singer/songwriters but also a love of pop culture. We try to combine the two with a flavour of R&B and soul.

How do you feel about moving to Qatar?
This is actually our first time in Qatar! We have performed in Dubai and Abu Dhabi before and we're excited to now play for Doha music fans. We love coming to the Middle East and have made many friends in the region.

What can Doha Dune-goers expect from LoveLight during your residency?
We're into great songs, we're into R&B and soul, we're also into dance music. We hope to bring all those sounds to Dunes Doha. Most of all we hope to bring a great vibe and atmosphere to the venue and perhaps something unique to the Doha music scene.

What have been your individual career highlights so far?
Definitely working with music mogul Mark Povey. In 2008 we relocated to London and spent two years writing and recording under the guise of 'Frequent People'. That experience led us to a top 10 release and touring with artists such as Sir Bob Geldof.

What do you love most about your career choice?
We feel blessed to be traveling the world doing what we love. We have just come from shows in Japan and Hong Kong which was a unique experience. We get to work with amazing people and have some pretty wild stories to tell from our adventures!

What is each of your favourite songs of all time? Why?
That's a hard one, because we both love songs from so many different eras. There's a song to fit every mood and every moment and that's the best thing about music.

Where did you get the name LoveLight from?
That was inspired years ago from a great London musician named Lewis Taylor. He is one of our favourite artists and it all developed from there. LoveLight represents a positive energy and we have always enjoyed performing under that name.

What musically inspires you on a day to day basis?
We are inspired by cutting edge music, fashion and art. We like to be aware of what’s happening in all facets of the entertainment industry. This keeps us up-to-date and allows us to push boundaries and be inspired on a day to day basis.

Chass and Natalie perform Tue-Sat from 8pm. Call 4448 1280.

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