Meet Sizzle, house band at Paloma

The lowdown from the new band in town

Meet Sizzle, house band at Paloma
Meet Sizzle, house band at Paloma Image #2

How did you guys get started?
Cyril Petersen (guitar/keyboards/vocals): I discovered my love for music at a very early age and started developing my talents firstly on guitar and then keyboard.

Ezra Basil Lingeveldt (guitar/saxophone/piano/vocals):
I discovered my musical talent when I was ten years old. My career started professionally when I made the top five in South African Idols.

Nadine Sisam (vocals): I performed a solo in a high school production of ‘Grease’ and have never looked back since.

Tracy Brainers (vocals): I started singing in high school musical productions. The stage has been my home ever since.

What has been your biggest career highlight so far?
Performing some of my own produced songs on our national South African TV station, SABC.

EBL: Winning a SAMA [South African Music Award] for best single I wrote for the ‘Big Brother Show’.

NS: Singing ‘Purple Rain’ accompanied by a stunning acrobatic circus act.

TB: Performing and recording alongside and as a backing vocalist for SAMA Award-winning artists Bantu Soul and SAMA Award-winning local duo Bongi & Collin.

How do you describe Sizzle’s style in your own words?
EBL: Sizzle band is a perfect collaboration of vocals, dance and music, ready for guests to enjoy.

NS: Super versatile - our repertoire covers many styles, from old favourites, right up to today’s popular music.

How did you all get together to form the band?
TB: I have known Nadine for many years and we have worked together on many projects on stage. Maurice Fresco [agent] introduced us to Cyril and Ezra, and with our combined talents we formed Sizzle.

How do you feel your different talents combine?
CP: Individually all of the band members are talented and experienced musicians and as a group we each bring our individual talents to create a versatile and exciting band – both visually and musically.

EBL: Each of the band members brings their own personality to the band. The audiences will be waving their hands and stomping their feet to our music!

What are you personally going to bring to the stage?
Passion, talent, and a fantastic crowd-pleasing repertoire.

EBL: I will bring my unique, vibrant and smooth vocal sound to the stage.

NS: My passion for singing, and loads of energy and enthusiasm.

TB: Fierce vocals, fabulous flare, and loads of energy.

How does playing with Sizzle compare with your previous gigs?
CP: Every band I have performed with has had a different vibe as each musician brings something new to the group. Sizzle is a band with tonnes of personality and we have amazing energy on stage.

TB: It’s exciting to be in a band that embraces new ideas.
Open Sat-Tue 5pm-1am; Wed-Fri 5pm-2am. InterContinental Doha, West Bay Lagoon (4484 4919).

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