Lipstick Dreams in Doha

The Doha Player’s latest production is about four women in a hair salon

Lipstick Dreams in Doha

Director Christopher Churchouse tells us all about the Doha Player’s latest production, a show about four women in a hair salon.

What is this play? Why did you choose it?
My interest in the show is twofold. Firstly, I enjoy the humor of the relationship of the women in the hairdressing salon. They can be bitchy at times as they discuss the men in their lives and their frustrations, but then they are also compassionate and supportive when things are tough. My second attachment to the show is that I was the stage manager for it when it first opened in Australia in 1988 and I toured with the show through New South Wales. I grew to know the characters well and to enjoy their personalities and their relationships with each other.

What’s challenging about the production?
Like any production the challenge is coordinating the people who all have very busy lives with work and family. Having to seek help from people who are in Moscow this week but assure me they will be back in time to build the set. Getting people together to help find all the props that you would naturally see in a hairdressing salon. Supporting the actors to not only be at rehearsal and learn the moves of the play, but to also give them time to learn their lines.

What have rehearsals been like?
Rehearsals have been a lot of fun. The play lends itself to a lot of laughter in learning how to deliver some of the lines and not laugh. We have not got there with that one yet. There are often moments when we grind to a halt to let us all get over the laughs so we can move on

How’s the cast? They’re not professional actors, right?
I have been so fortunate to have the cast I have. The four women in the show are great talents and are so committed to the show and to the production it is a pleasure to work with them. They have a professionalism and commitment to the work which makes my job so much easier

What can the audience expect?
I think the audience will come and have a night of fun where they can sit back, relax and be entertained with humor and music and walk away being able to say that it was two hours very well spent.

So, who is your audience? Who do you expect in the seats?

I think this play caters well for both men and women and all adult ages. Women will enjoy the interaction of the women and how they discuss the men in their lives and how the men frustrate them at times. Men will enjoy the humor of the women and the way they carry on when the men are not about.

It’s a bit different from the average show in Doha! Why do that?
It certainly is different to many shows, to musicals and pantomimes, but I think that is why this is special. There are people who are not drawn to those productions, so this offers another theatre experience for the people who like comedy plays. This is a comedy play. Even though it ends with some musical numbers, it cannot be described as a musical.

Do you think people will ‘get it’? What sort of reaction are you expecting?

They certainly will get it. It is not Shakespeare where the audience needs to think to understand or appreciate the production. This play is light fun entertainment where the audience can relax and enjoy the journey of the characters.

Have you directed before?
I have directed both musical theatre and plays. All in Australia. This is my first time to direct in Doha

What’s your favourite part of the show?
The end of the show…but you will have to come along to see it to see why. The end is very exciting and dynamic.

Lipstick Dreams hits the stage June 13-16 at the Newton International School, Lagoon Campus, at 7.30pm. Tickets are QR60, available at THE One. For more information email or call 4447 4911

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