The science of learning

Kim Wyatt explores immersive and interactive education for children

The science of learning
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F ounded in 2016, Molecular provides fun, hands-on learning experiences to stimulate young minds. Offering a wide range of educational and interactive programmes from watersports to cooking and robotics, the company strives to teach children long lasting skills in a stimulating and safe environment. Co-founder Ramsey Ramadan says, “Our goal is to bring new and diverse experiences to our youth in a way that is safe, hands-on, educational and always fun.”

Behind the scenes
Behind Molecular are two passionate entrepreneurs with a mission to create a positive social impact for the younger generation. Ramadan, with a Masters in Sustainability, guides content and programme development, delivers communication and staff training and designs Molecular’s vision planning. Ramadan says, “The Molecular mission is to nurture a sense of curiosity of the world around us by creating activities, projects and experiments that stoke the fire of childhood imagination with great storytelling and accessible tools.”
Originally from the UK, co-founder Jade Richmond specialises in sports and event management. With experience as a lead executive, Richmond aims to provide a platform of immersive education and development for children. Behind the scenes, Richmond leads Molecular’s day-to-day operations, manages the relationship network and heads event management.

What’s on offer
Molecular constantly designs and refines programmes to meet the rapidly changing interests of the younger generation. There’s something for everyone with a host of interactive, science-based topics including chef and nutrition training, chemical science inventions, mystery solving forensic detectives, robotics and coding, master engineering and circuitry building, experiential field trips, and private events. Ramadan says, “There are many facets to education, but the fundamentals of learning are the same. We are consistent in delivering educational programmes and aim to make unfamiliar topics and experiences easy to understand, engaging and full of fun and entertainment.” Molecular has recently collaborated with Qatar Water Sport to bring a variety of marine and sea-based learning activities from sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking, wakeboarding, coastal ecology and on shore activities.

Empowering today’s youth
There’s a strong emphasis for hands-on experience with a DIY component in all programmes. At the core of the Molecular philosophy is a sense of empowering children to replicate all learning experiences outside of the classroom. Ramadan says, “The programmes are developed according to a set of core beliefs – sensory immersion is vital as we believe it takes the use of all senses to learn effectively. Themed storytelling and scenario challenges help to contextualise the learning process. Lastly, free hand experimentation stretches and tests the limits of newfound knowledge.”

The importance of teaching
Molecular believes that “everyone has something to teach and share”. Instructors come from a wide variety of backgrounds with a unique set of skills. All our instructors go through regular in-house communication training and creative development sessions. We believe that education is a two-way street – if you want to teach impactfully you must be willing to learn. There is no one teaching style that works for all. Essentially the fundamentals of teaching are the same and requires an open, curious mind,” Ramadan explains.
Programmes are held at various schools throughout Doha as part of afterschool activities. All programmes are open to public registration and information is posted online about events, trips and camps.
Visit, email or call 7797 8856.

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