Misk nursery in Doha

Nestle your newborn into one of these beautiful beds

Misk nursery in Doha

Preparing for a new baby doesn’t always have to mean sacrificing beautiful design in favour of practicality. Children’s interior brand MISK nursery is putting the high-end back into babies’ bedding.

Breaking away from tradition, boring, boxy cribs are a thing of the past at MISK, where modern shapes, elegant woodwork and plenty of pretty detailing wins out (though you won’t miss out on practical necessities like adjustable levels, either).

Each design is rooted in contemporary aesthetics, so you can expect timeless, clean lines alongside nods to the Arabian heritage of the brand. One crib incorporates, for example, Arabic calligraphy in mother of pearl.

Other designs include an oval-shaped crib adorned with a moon and stars, and another decorated with whimsical mother of pearl hot air balloons. Some, on the other hand, are even more modern and made from materials such as clear acrylic instead of the more traditional wood. Rest assured, though, that whichever crib you choose, it will be made with all natural, chemical-free and organic materials.

To go along with your lovely new crib are plenty of eye-catching bedding sets and comfy matresses. Everything you need to give your kiddiewinks everything they need to sleep the whole night through... and hopefully mum and dad, too.
From QR15,000. www.misknursery.com

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