New schools in Doha

Royal Grammar School, King’s College Doha and Arab International Academy in Doha

New schools in Doha

The Gulf region is fast becoming known for its high standard of international education, but this September three more impressive institutions are placing Doha on the map.

The Arab International Academy (opening in September), offers parents an invaluable opportunity for their kids to learn both English and Arabic fluently. The Academy teaches in both languages right from Kindergarten, after which Grades 1-5 will be taught in Arabic (with English taught at an advanced level and French as a third language). From Grade six, maths and science will be taught in English. The school will be one of the few schools to offer the International Baccaleureate in Arabic.

King’s College Doha (also opening in September) is a branch of the 135-year-old British Boarding school. When it comes to primary education, KCD is stepping up the academic side of things; children will be taught by specialist subject teachers, rather than general form teachers, from as early as Year 3 and for all subjects from Year 5.

Also from the UK, the Royal Grammar School, Guildford in Qatar (opening in September for ages three to six) is an independent school with an impressive new campus. The school’s principal Paul Bridges was a former teacher, and then Assistant Head, at RGS Guildford and, unlike other franchised schools, the governers and senior management team from the UK have been heavily involved in the set-up process. A guarantee that the standard of education will be on par with its parent school.

It’s proof that schools here are becoming educational destinations in their own right, rather than an after-thought catering to expat families. As the population of the city explodes in the run up to 2022, it’s a trend we can only hope will continue.

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