CanDo in Doha

If your kids are un-enthused about exercise, get them over to CanDo

CanDo in Doha

Getting your kids away from a screen and doing physical activity can be a battle, but you might just be able to coax them over to CanDo, the clever new entertainment centre that has just opened at Gate Mall.

An original idea developed right here in Qatar, CanDo merges digital games with physical activity. Divided into three “fun zones” for kids aged five and older, the venue is filled with games designed to engage children and encourage them to use their discovery skills.

In the Green Zone kids can generate energy through physical activity like jumping, rowing, cycling, balancing and dancing. The energy they create charges up their own personal CanDo battery that can be carried over to the Red Zone to be redeemed for attractions including 4D rides.

They can also earn more energy for their battery in the Yellow Zone, by solving mind games and trying different sensory activities. The whole centre is an interactive environment with lots of scientifically educational elements to it. Kids can learn about how energy works, exercise, plus indulge in a little screen time.

Sara Abu-Issa, one of CanDo’s managing partners, says, “Children are so consumed with electronics these days that they don’t really get any physical activity. CanDo combines their love for the digital world with physical activity to improve their physical development and wellbeing.”

Open Sat-Thu 10am-10pm, Fri 1pm-11pm. 2nd floor, Gate Mall, West Bay, (6680 3422).

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