Peter Pan show in Doha

Peter Pan: The Never Ending Story is in Doha from October 1-9

Peter Pan show in Doha

The story of Peter Pan truly is timeless. The boy who never grows old and has adventures on the island of Neverland appeals to children through many generations. Originally written by Scottish novelist and playwright J.M. Barrie, the book has been transformed into shows, TV series’ and films (think Dustin Hoffman as the treacherous Captain Hook), as well as being taken on by Disney. Interacting with mermaids, Native Americans, fairies and more, it’s a book of fantasy and make-believe that has been captivating childrens’ imaginations for over 100 years. And Peter will be bringing the rest of the clan to the city, with an eclectic mix of music, dancers and stuntmen, aimed at children aged 4-15. Here are some of the characters that will light up the show.

Peter Pan

With an outfit made of autumn leaves and cobwebs and still with his first teeth, most of Peter’s actual physical appearance is left to the imagination of the reader by Barrie. Based on Barrie’s older brother, David, who died in an ice-skating accident, Peter is cock-sure and has the girls chasing him.

Peter represents the feeling of indestructibility you can have as a child. Added to that, he is a skilled swordsman, took off the hand of Captain Hook, and is an expert in mimicry. Oh, and he can fly, of course.

Captain Hook

The nemesis of Peter, Hook is a super-villain that will give the crowd a chill. His two major fears are a crocodile that follows him called Tick-Tock, which ate his hand after Peter took it off, and the sight of his own blood. Expect panto-esque skulduggery from him at the show.

Every villain needs a sidekick, and Smee is that man. The senior crew member of the deck is not really a minion Hook can rely on – instead of capturing the Lost Boys, as is Hook’s request, he’s more interested in stealing loot and finding treasure.

Lost Boys
Peter is the head of the Lost Boys, a group of children orphaned in the real world when they ‘fell out of their perambulators’ and came to live at Neverland. They have Peter’s back and help him out in sticky situations, especially when he is fighting Hook.

Wendy Darling

Sure plenty of us know what it’s like to love somebody and not see it be reciprocated, and that is how Wendy feels in relation to Peter. However, it is made apparent that Wendy is his true love, though he’s just too boyish to notice. Such as Peter’s feelings for Wendy, it’s only when Hook makes Peter believe that she will leave him and grow up with a husband that he loses his ability to fly.

Tinker Bell

Jealously protective of Peter, Tinker Bell is a fairy and his best mate. Her jealousy tends to get the better of her, however, helping Hook in his attempts to capture Wendy and putting her in danger, as well as Peter. She repents at the end, realising the error of her ways and risks her own life to save Peter.

Tiger Lilly

Tiger Lilly is a Native American resident at Neverland. She is rescued by Peter as she was left marooned on an island by pirates. Wendy becomes jealous of Tiger Lilly when she kisses him in gratitude. Basically, a lot of women are jealous of each other, but Tiger Lilly keeps out of all this, and is purer in heart.
Peter Pan: The Never Ending Story is running from October 1-9. QNCC Music Hall, QNCC, Education City (4470 7000).Tickets and shopping malls around Qatar.

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