Park House Community Initiative

More than 200 activities for children of all ages in Doha, Qatar

Park House Community Initiative

The Park House Community Initiative organises over 200 activities for children of all ages both at the school and in the wider community.

The Park House Community Initiative (PHCI) is a not-for-profit community engagement programme, launched in Doha in 2012, to ensure children of all ages, as well as adults, from Park House English School and the wider community, are provided with extra-curricular activities and extra-educational opportunities. The initiative currently offers over 200 activities, covering sport, science, the arts, technology and foreign languages, and you don’t have to have a connection with the school to get involved.

All of PHCI’s programmes and activities, ranging from diving to disco dancing, rugby to recorder playing and everything in between, focus on developing a particular skill, whether it is physical, academic or creative. They are designed to build self-confidence, encourage creativity and develop individual talents in a safe and secure environment. So get the little ones giving some of them a go!

Activities for children
Through the PHCI platform, those children who are keen to explore creative avenues in addition to their academic curriculum can choose from a spectrum of constructive and exciting activities, including the arts and crafts club, Crafty Reading Club, cross stitch/sewing club, junior art club, junior choir and the Laughing with Literacy Club. Students who are more focused on developing and testing new skills, sports in particular, can participate in board games, the chess club, field hockey, Invasion Games and the table tennis club.

In addition to these programmes, the PHCI also offers ballet dance classes, the basketball club, Centre Stage Theatre Group, drumming lessons, go-karting, golf, language courses and music lessons, among many others. From every activity group to every level of skill, PHCI has something available for everyone.

Secondary school aged students can choose to be part of the Park House Swim Club, the British Council English Language programme for Schools, The Duke of Edinburgh International Award, go-karting, street dancing and a multitude of other cultural and sporting activities.

Trying a new activity
Niall Brennan, Director of Park House English School and son of founder Heather Brennan, said:
‘PHCIs main philosophy is that a school should be more than simply a place where children attend school. It should act as an asset to its community. There are many great ideas that are being generated in our community and often all that is needed is a little support, whether financial, logistical or administrative, to bring these ideas to fruition. We at PHCI are proud to be able to champion some of these worthwhile causes in a sustainable, scalable manner.’

He continued: ‘PHCI is one platform through which students, parents and other members of the community alike are provided with opportunities to interact with people who enjoy similar interests and to make positive contributions to the local community.

‘In addition to learning through the regular academic curriculum, PHCI recognises the vital role that extracurricular activities play in enabling students to achieve personal success and become well rounded individuals. I am confident that these initiatives will inspire and challenge them to pursue their individual aspirations, reach their full potential and go on and live fulfilling and meaningful lives.’

Academic classes
In addition, PHCI also organises academic booster classes, designed to prepare students prior to benchmark academic examinations through a collaborative, tailored approach. These courses aim to support Park House students and students from the wider Doha community to achieve academic success. During these classes, students review key topics and core material, while also working on improving their examination techniques through better understanding of the style and format of examinations, relevance of questions and managing time effectively.
PHCI also offers tutoring services for students, both as private one-to-one lessons or combined classes with another student. The private learning sessions are run by Park House teachers and include a complete range of subjects such as English, mathematics, languages, and the sciences.

What’s it all about?
Through each of its activities, PHCI aims to create and maintain an environment conducive to keeping students motivated, challenged and enthusiastic about learning. The emphasis is on equipping individuals with useful life skills, while encouraging them to engage in the local community. PHCI aims to continue to invest its resources on supporting relevant, useful community initiatives in Qatar through a sustainable, multi-pronged approach and provide children and adults with unique avenues for developing particular skills and talents. So get your mind and your body active, and give some of the activities on offer a go.

Park House English School is located in Abu Hamour, Doha. For the full details of the programme and the complete list of activities, call (4468 3800) or email

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