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Keep the kids hydrated and happy with these easy and fun cooling bites

Watermelon Salad
Watermelon Salad
Tri-colour capsicum salad Image #2
Tri-colour capsicum salad
Hurricane cooler Image #3
Hurricane cooler
The grape on the tree Image #4
The grape on the tree

Keep the kids hydrated and happy with these easy and fun cooling bites created by Chef Manickum at Dubai-based Tribes Restaurant.

Hurricane cooler

• Strawberry juice – 60ml
• Mango juice – 60ml
• Green apple juice – 60ml
• Vanilla ice cream – 2 scoops
• Strawberry fresh – 10g

• Put all the juices in a blender, add vanilla ice cream and blend
• Then in a cup put 30 ml of strawberry juice
• Add the mixture to the strawberry juice slowly to form layers
• Garnish with a strawberry slice

Watermelon salad

(4 portions)

• Watermelon –1kg (cut into triangles)
• Balsamic glaze – 40ml
• Rocket leaves – 120g
• Balsamic dressing – 80ml
• Parmesan cheese – cut into 15 x 15 chips 60g (times four)
• Bread crumbs – 40g
• Egg – 1 each
• Milk – 10ml
• Flour – 10g
• Basil pesto – 80g
• Bread – cut into 15 x 15 chips 35g (times four)

• Crumb the parmesan cheese (flour, egg/milk, breadcrumbs) then deep-fry
• Brush the pesto on the bread and bake in the oven
• Cut the watermelon into triangles, arrange on the plate
• Drizzle the balsamic glaze on the watermelon
• Toss the rocket leaves with balsamic dressing, arrange in the centre of the water melon
• Garnish with parmesan chip and basil croutons

The grape on the tree

• Cranberry juice – 60ml
• Raspberry sorbet – 3 scoops
• Grapetizer – 60ml
• Crushed ice

• Put the cranberry juice and raspberry sorbet in a blender
• Add some ice cubes, then blend and smooth
• Pour the grapetizer in a cup, and then pour in the mixture little by little
• Garnish with a mint leaf or a fresh grape

Tri-colour capsicum salad

• Red, green and orange capsicum – 1 of each, 60g
• Mixed salad leaves – 75g
• Tomato slices – 105g
• Halloumi cheese – 100g
• Balsamic vinegar – 25ml
• Orange dressing – 25ml
• Spanish onion – sliced 10g
• Salt and pepper
• Chilli/sugar – half a gram

Chilli & Sugar Mixture Recipe

Yield 150g
• Chilli – dried flakes 100g
• White sugar 50g

• Blend chilli flakes
• Mix in the sugar
• Store in a sealed labelled container (away from moisture)

Orange Dressing Recipe

Yield 500ml
• Orange reduction
• Orange juice – 1 litre
• Caster sugar – 200g

• Bring both to the boil and reduce to 500ml
• Add this to the Basic Vinaigrette recipe

• Grill the capsicum and the cheese on a flat top grill – separately
• When the capsicum is grilled, sprinkle balsamic vinegar and remove from the grill
• Toss the salad mix and the Spanish onion, salt and pepper with the orange dressing
• Arrange the sliced tomato in a circle on the plate and sprinkle the chilli/sugar
• Place the salad mix in the centre
• Add the grilled capsicum and top with the grilled Halloumi cheese.
Tribes, Mall of the Emirates. (+971 4 395 0660)

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