Crafty activities for kids

Arty activities are great for stretching children’s imaginations

Crafty activities for kids
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Arty activities are great for developing fine motor skills, improving concentration and stretching children’s imaginations. Get the little darlings sticking, cutting and gluing with these three fabulously easy at-home makes, supplied by the experts at Kidz Venture.

Cheeky Chicks

You will need;
• Actimel yogurt pot
• Rice
• Food colouring
• Coloured paper (brown, red, yellow, white) or use plain paper and colour
• Glue
• Sellotape

1 Place the rice in a pot and add food colouring, mix and let it dry.

2 Strip the label off the Actimel yogurt pot so it is clear of all the wrapping.

3 Cover the white pot with glue and roll it in the coloured rice so that it covers the pot. This can be messy and you might need to repeat it to get good coverage.

4 Use the coloured paper (or you can use plain white paper and colour it in) to cut out the following shapes;
• 1 brown oval – for the face 
• 1 yellow triangle – for the beak
• 3 white number 8 shapes – for the eyes 
• 2 black circles – for the eyes  
• 1 red club shape – for your chicken’s comb

5 Glue them all together to make a cheeky chicken face.

6 Secure the face to the pot with glue or clear sellotape. Your chicks are now ready to make some noise!

Shiny airplanes

You will need;
• Small plastic water bottle
• Aluminum foil
• Cereal box / carton / thick paper
• Paint

1 Wrap the water bottle with the aluminum foil, so that it’s completely covered, including the water bottle cap.

2 Cut out two wings from a cereal box or a carton and using some thick paper, cut out a quadrilateral shape for the tail.

3 Paint the wings and tail in bright colours of your choice.

4 Using a cutter, slit the sides of the water bottle and gently slide the wings about an inch into the slits on the side.

5 Next, cut a slit at the bottom end of the water bottle, on the side. Slide the tail in, so it stands up. The shiny airplane is ready for take off!

Healthy Teeth

You will need
• Cardboard box cut into an oval shape
• Cardboard egg carton
• Newspaper
• Chart paper
• Masking tape
• Glue
• Paint

1 Cut the cardboard box into an oval shape and fold it in half to form the mouth.

2 Take the cardboard egg box and separate the cup holders.

3 Glue the individual egg cup holders around the edge of the oval mouth (inside) to form teeth.

4 Use sheets of newspaper rolled up length ways to wrap around the edge of the oval shape and secure with masking tape. These will be your lips.

5 Cut chart paper into the shape of a tongue and secure to the fold of the oval cardboard box.

6 Let the glue dry, so that everything is properly secured.

7 Once everything is tightly together, paint your mouth paint using as many correct colours as possible. Use white for the teeth, light pink for the gums, red for the lips and dark pink paint for the tongue.

This model is great for teaching kids about the importance of dental hygiene and brushing their teeth properly. If you’re feeling inspired, create a giant toothbrush out of cardboard and show them how to brush correctly. You can also use the same design to create a monster mouth.

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